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Raphael Sylla poses as Sheffield Institute's newest computer teacher when in fact he is a colleague of Maria Medina and Joel McTiennan who was hired to keep tabs on the W.I.T.C.H. girls. His goal is to uncover what secret the girls are hiding and if it does in fact involve supernatural powers.

In the comics, Raphael suspects something strange about the girls due to him seeing them disappear mysteriously and strange things happening around them, so he decides to investigate. When he successfully catches Taranee in a trap, he finds out that the girls really do have supernatural powers.

In the TV series, Raphael shows up alongside his boss Dr Theodore Riddle at the end of Z is for Zenith watching the girls' final battle with Cedric (via glamour screen) and at the end of the episode appears as the new computer science teacher at Sheffield Institute.

In the planned 3rd season of the Show, Sylla was meant to be introduced as a hired Mercenary by Dr Theodore Riddle, to keep an eye on the girls and attempt to take the heart of Kandrakar. He also knows the girls are the Guardians, thanks to Riddle using his telepathy to discover their identities.

Raphael (right) and Riddle (left) in the TV series