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Raskal is the primary villain in the W.I.T.C.H. special issue, Elyon: Return of the Queen.


Raskal was one of Phobos's imperfect whisperers as he developed his own will like Caleb did. He lead the underground community who were the former inhabitants of the town near the Tower of Grendal. During Phobos' reign, Phobos gave Vathek the task of recruiting the citizens of Meridian into his army by force. The community's leader, Ardehl, formed an underground haven for his people. Later Raskal joined them in their campaign to escape the tyrant's rule. After many years Ardehl grew old and weak to the point of blindness. Raskal then seized control of the little community and lead the people much like Phobos, instilling fear from above their underground sanctuary.[1]

Raskal and his men captured Elyon and Vathek while they were visiting the Tower of Grendal. Raskal ordered his men to imprison the Escanor girl while Vathek, the traitor of Meridian, was put in the sandpit, where he was intended to be punished by being eaten by the ferocious Sharvaks. When Elyon finally freed herself and Ardehl from the cells, she rescued Vathek and showed the people that Metamoor is free from his brother's despotic rule. In the end, Raskal admitted defeat.[1]