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S is for Self is the nineteenth episode of season 2, and the forty-fifth episode overall of the TV series.


Nerissa trapped Yan Lin inside her seal and decided to create an Altermere (a living duplicate with the memories and powers of the one replicated/cloned).

Matt managed to regain complete control over his body and mind, while Nerissa deprived her Knights of Destruction of their power to empower the old Guardians.

In the B-story, K-Ship decided to organize the battle of the bands that Matt's band wanted to enter whilst Eric was recruited by Uriah and his gang as they wanted to play in the competition.

Release notes

  • This episode includes the following four unreleased songs:
  • Versions of this episode with the original opening, including those on the DVD releases, feature an additional part of the song "The Will to Love" playing during the closing credits, making this the only episode to have unique audio for the outro.
    • This extended portion is also heard in the dubs, although the dubs with voiceover credits make it difficult to hear. Those languages that got their own version of the song (as many dubs simply used the English version) generally have that one in this part as well. A notable exception is the Polish dub, which features an instrumental of the song during the closing credits.
    • Versions of the episode with the American opening do not include this part of the song, and simply use the regular instrumental outro music for the US theme as with other episodes.

Behind the scenes