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The Seal of Phobos is a rhombus-shaped magical jeweled item that allows the user to open portals.


The Seal of Phobos in the comics.

It was stolen by two officers and the nanny Galgheita to take Elyon as a baby to Earth to protect her from her brother, Phobos, who originally created his amulet.[citation needed]

It was hidden in the cavern behind the basement of the Brown family's house and was discovered by the Guardians. The seal is absorbed by the Heart of Kandrakar to save the girls' lives.[1]


It can used to open portals[1] but it eventually became useless to due to the lowering of the veil[2] and its other powers are never mentioned or used again.

It also seems to have a consciousness, and is capable of delivering powerful beams of dark energy, or a kind of black mud.[1]


  • In the comics, Phobos' has a very similar appearance to the Heart of Kandrakar.
  • In the comics, the Seal of Phobos releases a kind of pitch black mud that almost covers all the W.I.T.C.H. girls.[1] This same "pitch" black occurred when Nerissa invaded Kandrakar.[3]
  • In the TV series, Phobos appears to not be able to open portals, but he is the true creator of the Seal of Phobos, amulet that opens doorways,[citation needed] which is odd, leaving the question of how he created this gem.
  • In one of the gifts of the comics, the tarot witch, there is a letter in which the Oracle holds a balance scale where they are in the Heart of Kandrakar and the Seal of Phobos.[citation needed]
  • The Seal of Phobos seems to be used as the symbol of the royal family of Meridian, as Cedric and Elyon use the symbol of the Seal of Phobos on their clothes.


Images of the Seal of Phobos.