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Shadiga is a supporting character in the special issue Caleb and Elyon - Two Destinies.


A prisoner of the dark mist, also known as the Valley of Shadows, she, along with the other prisoners, was imprisoned there and was petrified as their life force sustained the existence of the Valley of Shadows.[1]

Shadiga first met Wali and Caleb when they first entered the mist. Their presence (or that of the Blue Destiny) enabled the prisoners to move. A prisoner wanted to attack the two men but Shadiga wanted to observe the strangers first. Shadiga's orders were disregarded and some prisoners attacked Caleb. This angered Shadiga but she decided to confront the foreigners. She told them that they don't know how to escape the place but the mystical force that Caleb was searching for was inside the tower and that Caleb must face the Guard of the Valley of Shadows.[1]

Before letting Caleb confront the Guard, Shadiga ordered him to leave Wali as their hostage since they didn't trust the aliens. After the Guard was defeated Caleb decided to destroy the Valley of Shadows. Shadiga, together with the other prisoners and Caleb, was transported into a paradise-like planet. She pitied Caleb and decided to give him her necklace, which has the power to travel between worlds.[1]