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Shadiga's Necklace is a magical jeweled artifact that made its only appearance the special issue, Caleb and Elyon: Two Destinies.


The necklace was prominently featured throughout the special issue and sometimes used to give emphasis to the character Shadiga. After Caleb became the new guard of the Valley of Shadows, he decided to merge the Guard's lance with the Blue Destiny, and hence gained the complete powers of the Guard.[1]

Caleb ordered the prison to cease its existence without knowing what might happen to him and the prisoners. Afterward they were transported to a new world. Caleb, accepting his own destiny without Elyon, wished to stay with Shadiga and the other prisoners, but Shadiga offered him her necklace, which enables its wearer to travel between worlds because she no longer felt she needed it. Caleb accepted the necklace and returned to Elyon using the artifact.[1]


  • The necklace is similar in appearance to the Breath of Time but is more similar in powers to the Tooth of the Tonga from the TV series as it allows travel through worlds, which is similar to the TV series concept of folding.