Sheffield Institute is the school that the Guardians and Matt attend, Elyon also attended until her accession to the throne of Meridian when she left and was homeschooled. One professor, Galgheita Rudolph, is a Meridianite, the one who stole the baby Elyon from Phobos. Caleb also attended temporarily to protect Queen Elyon.


Sheffield Institute was founded about 100 years ago by Sherwood Sheffield in a pumpkin patch and later the school administrator adopted the pumpkin and integrated it to the official seal of the school. The school is designed much like a castle.

There are only 400 students at the school, spanning from the 7th to 12th grade. Therefore, there are small classes with only about 15 students per class and 80 students per grade. Though it has not been stated in the comics or the series, the books hint that it is a private school. As in the comics, they teach Latin, a subject not common in most high schools, and due to the historic design of the school and the small classes, Sheffield Institute making it a private school through Susan's financial difficulties suggest otherwise. Though in the series it is indirectly refereed to as such by its acceptance of exchange students.

Faculty and Staff




  • Dean Collins (History teacher)
  • Mr. Horseberg (Maths teacher)




  • Unknown
  • Ms. Knickerbocker's father



  • Dr. Folkner (School physician)
  • Professor Karl Ritter (Exchange program supervisor)
  • Professor Raphael Sylla (Computer sciences teacher, temporary)


As of Issue 111: Teamwork
This list is alphabetical by first name.

Current Students

Former Students


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