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Thanks to Sheila! What a great girl!

Karmilla about Sheila helping her go through the auditions

Sheila Jensen is the daughter of Kevin Jensen, who runs the Jensen dance school. She is friends with Taranee and Luke.


She seemed aloof because she was pressured to get into the school by her father, Kevin Jensen, Karmilla's choreographer, and Sheila said that she and Karmilla are like sisters.[1]

She and Taranee became friends because they both share a passion for dancing. This caused tension with Cornelia and Irma who thought Sheila was a snob. This was further drawn out when Taranee cancelled studying with Irma to go to the dance academy with Sheila.[2] Cornelia seemed to be on better terms with her as they worked together on the Sheffield centennial party with the others.

Taranee was shown to be jealous when she thought Sheila and Luke were on a date at the Cobalt Blue concert, but these feelings disappeared when she told Taranee that he had originally wanted to ask her to the concert.[3]

One morning, Sheila made her dad breakfast in bed and apologized for being moody about settling in Heatherfield.[4] She was seen smiling at her father teaching Ms. Knickerbocker to dance.[5]

She helped Karmilla sort through her auditions.[6] She commented on how mean Irma was being at the party (under Erin's mind-control) [7].

Sheila was seen talking to Luke about how she was nervous about her audition for the Green Grass video. After Taranee got rejected for the part, she and Luke tried to comfort her, but she brushed them off since they got chosen for the part. Taranee continued to be jealous and when she rejected Sheila's idea about how to help Martin win the election, Sheila was hurt and ran off. Later at the dance studio, she and Luke tried to encourage Taranee as she practiced, but were called away to practice the Green Grass video. When Taranee's dance partner was injured, Sheila set up Luke to dance with her and for them to date. Irma apologized for not liking her after she helped Martin and the two became friends. She unintentionally spilled the beans on how Joel was the one to get Irma the signed CD and thought that the "mystery girl" and him will make a great couple.[8]

Sheila was seen arm in arm with Karmilla. She, Taranee and Luke were selected to open the concert with a dance number. All three expressed their awe at this. She arranged for Irma to meet Karmilla.[9]



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