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Sniffer is the tracking hound pet of the Tracker.


He resembles a dark Dobermann with glowing yellow eyes. This appearance of a hell-hound corresponds with his master's undead appearance, though it isn't specifically stated if either Sniffer or the Tracker are undead.


Sniffer is never shown far away from his master. He was last shown taking part in the assault made by Phobos' forces toward Kandrakar.[1]. While the Tracker was killed, it's not known what ultimately happened to Sniffer.[2] Given the fact that his master's bats died along with him, the hound could have shared the same fate. If he survived, he was likely reimprisoned in the Infinite City along with the rest of the unrepentant villains.

Powers & abilities

Sniffer's keen sense of smell is a great asset to the Tracker in his hunts of targets, even across dimensions.[3] Based on appereance alone Sniffer's teeth are quite sharp. Sniffer has also shown an incredible amount of duarbility having been dragged by Crimson a fair distance and having no known injuries.[4]


Images of Sniffer.