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Sondra was seen in one episode of the W.I.T.C.H. TV series - season 1 episode 7 - Divide and Conquer.


She came to Sheffield Institute, pretending to be from Switzerland, only so that she wouldn't be a lonely girl and so that she could be popular. Sondra made a big entrance, walking through the doors of the cafeteria. Instantly, nearly all the boys there, fell in love with her.[1]

Because of her snobbish, mean and attention grabbing personality, she was greatly disliked by the W.I.T.C.H. girls and their friend Elyon, particularly, however, by Will due to her burgeoning feelings for Matt.[1]

Later, when they were at the ski trip, she and Will had an argument. They both liked Matt so they set up a ski competition: first one to the finish line would get to sit with Matt on the bus on the way back. In the end, even though she is a terrible skier, Will won the race and Sondra ended up with an injured leg. Sondra started speaking grumpily with no accent. Everybody found out that she wasn't Swiss. She then decided that she should transfer to a different school.[1]


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