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Caleb and Elyon - Two Destinies is a special issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics. The W.I.T.C.H. comics are known to release a special issue every year that tells a unique story about the girls, such as a what if story, or a deeper look into their own lives.



When a dark cloud appeared on Meridian, Queen Elyon's mystical powers were taken which threatened her life. She ordered Caleb to enter the dark mist to recover her powerful magic and life-force, and gave him the weapon of the Escanors, Blue Destiny. Wali, Caleb's friend, volunteered to help him.

When he and Caleb entered the dark mist, called the Valley of Shadows, they found a house just outside of the tower. Caleb checked it hoping to find any clues that might lead him to Elyon's missing powers. Unknown to both Wali and Caleb, the statue that they saw outside became animated and was observing them.

After a short battle between Caleb and a prisoner, they peacefully communicated with Shadiga. She told them that maybe the Guard knows the answer that they were seeking. Before letting Caleb confront the Guard, Shadiga ordered him to leave Wali as their hostage since they didn't trust the aliens. Though Caleb hesitated, Wali insisted that he must leave in order to save Elyon.

Caleb confronted the Guard and defeated him, not knowing that whosoever defeats the current Guard becomes the new warden of the dimensional prison. While Caleb suffered from the metamorphosis, the original Guard escaped, bringing along him the Guard's Lance and Blue Destiny. He was about to escape when Caleb appeared fully transformed and retrieved the objects resulting to the Guard's perpetual petrification.

After Caleb defeated the Guard and merged the Guard's Lance with Blue Destiny, he gave the sword to Wali and ordered him to deliver it to Elyon. Wali refused to go home without Caleb but Caleb decided to stay as he didn't want Elyon to see him in his Guard state.

Back on Meridian, the Guardians came to help Queen Elyon and Taranee was able hear her thoughts and she was very sorry to Cornelia for having fallen in love with Caleb, but Cornelia felt horrible for being jealous and forgave her and before she faded, the girls' used their power to keep her alive until Wali returned Blue Destiny, to Queen Elyon which returned the Queen to life, and he informed her of what had happened to Caleb.

Caleb decided to destroy the Valley of Shadows. Shadiga, together with the other prisoners and Caleb were transported into a paradise-like realm. Then she give him her necklace which has the ability to travel between worlds.