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Core of Kandrakar is the fourth special issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.

The W.I.T.C.H. comics are known to release a special issue every year that tells a unique story about the girls, such as a what if story, or a deeper look into their own lives.

Plot summary

The story begins in the fortress of Kandrakar, where the Oracle sensed that the time has come for the Guardians to be tested once again. He entered the Room of the Auras, five magical essences similar to teardrops. One is pink and holds the pure energy-based power derived from the nymph Xin Jing (Will's powers), another is orange and holds the power derived from the Red Dragon (Taranee's powers of Fire), the third is blue and holds the power derived from the Pearl Dragon (Irma's powers), the fourth is green and holds the power derived from the Yellow Dragon (Cornelia's powers) and the last one is black and holds the power derived from the Black Dragon (Hay Lin's powers over Air). The Oracle knew that the Guardians will soon arrive and that he must ready himself.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the girls were spending the day at Irma's house. The Lair family was visited by some relatives and were having a barbecue, or at least they're trying to...

Mr. Lair was having problems lighting the fire and the guests weren't helping very much. The girls were watching from inside and Irma said that she could help her father if she had the power of fire like Taranee. Will jokingly pointed towards the barbecue and cried "Fire!"

To everybody's great surprise, it worked! Will magically lit Mr. Lair's barbecue! The five girls then realized that it's possible to switch their powers. They decided to visit Kandrakar and ask the Oracle about it, planning to return before anybody notices that they ever left.

In Kandrakar, the Oracle said that it is indeed possible to switch powers and gave them the opportunity to so. However, he explained that the girls must be tested after the transaction. He took the girls into the Room of the Auras where he blanked out the magical drops to make it possible for the girls to choose their new element (all except for Will's, because she is the Keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar and her destiny is sealed).

The Oracle then gave the Guardians a magical 3D map of Kandrakar and told them that they must find the Passage of Memories. Eventually, the girls found this place, where they spoke with the fortress of Kandrakar itself. The fortress revealed the history of the Universe.

In the beginning, there were five absolute beings called nymphs. Xin Jing was one of them. The nymphs observed the worlds and were never more than spectators until the day hatred was born. Then they created the fortress of Kandrakar in the center of infinity from where they wanted to supervise the universe. One of the nymphs, N'ghala, became the first oracle. She gathered scientists and wise men, the best one from each planet, and formed the Congregation.

Then N'ghala created the Guardians to bring justice throughout the universe. At first, there were only two. Then they were three and then four. In the end, N'ghala understood that five was the perfect number. The incident with Nerissa didn't renounce what had been decided.

The fortress then gave the girls a chance to change their powers saying that no Guardians before them have dared to do this. The girls make their choice: Irma chose Fire, Cornelia chose Water, Taranee chose Air and finally Hay Lin chose Earth.

The test began: Cornelia and Taranee were brought to the Tower of Ice, and Irma and Hay Lin found themselves in the Park, but the challenge the four girls were taking, turned out to be a nightmare. Cornelia and Taranee had to withstand the cold - a heavy storm and razor-sharp ice crystals, while Irma saw herself in the water with a tormented face. After that, she got trapped by a tree-like creature which already had Hay Lin in its grasp.

Will, who was supposed to watch the girls and their quests, couldn't stand what was happening and decided to intervene, beginning in the Park. There she released Irma and Hay Lin by taking their powers back and returning them again as soon the creature released them as the monster was only interested in capturing the Guardians not some ordinary girls. Then, Hay Lin used her new power over Earth to turn the creature into straw. Irma wanted to use Fire to burn it but Will calmed her down, saying there's no point in destroying the now defenseless being.

The three girls then went to the Tower of Ice, where the situation became critical. Taranee and Cornelia were on top of the tower which was now collapsing and magical ice gargoyles were attacking them. Still not knowing how to fly, Taranee jumped off, and took Cornelia with her. When she warded off a gargoyle with a bolt of fire, all of them realized they still had their original powers. This made it easier to defeat the gargoyles and to return safely to the Oracle.

The Oracle told them they passed the test and the girls decided to keep their original powers. When they returned home, Mr. Lair was waiting for them, asking them to go to the barbecue.





  • Xin Jing - the nymph of energy and creator of the Heart of Kandrakar
  • Oneide - the nymph of life
  • Tea - the nymph of the sun
  • Ebla - the nymph of the moon
  • N'ghala - the nymph of the stars
  • Officer Tom Lair
  • Anna Lair
  • Unknown guests at barbecue (only appearance; cameos)
  • Various previous Guardians (pictured)
  • Cassidy - former water Guardian and temporary Keeper of the Heart (pictured)
  • Halinor - former fire Guardian (pictured)
  • Yan Lin - former air Guardian (pictured)
  • Kadma - former earth Guardian (pictured)
  • Nerissa - former energy Guardian and Keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar (pictured)



  • The Oracle said that Will cannot trade powers, but she was the one that lit the fire; this is because she's the Keeper of the Heart, which connects her to all of the elements. This was the same reason as to how she was able to control the geyser of water that Irma and Cornelia had created in issue 3.
    • In the previous special issue, Will was shown to be able to trade powers, at the cost of her role as a keeper.
  • In this issue, when the Guardians trade powers, their outfits don't change; however, in the Cornelia and Caleb Special, Will gained Cornelia's outfit when she took the power of Earth.