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Elyon: Return of the Queen is the second special issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics. The W.I.T.C.H. comics are known to release a special issue every year that tells a unique story about the girls, such as a what if story, or a deeper look into their own lives.


Elyon has been queen of Metamoor for a while but as she knows little about her kingdom made her start believing she wasn't worthy to reign over it. She attended a meeting with her council to discuss the building of a dam. There, she confused the names of the councilors and misunderstood the meaning of certain words. In an end, she suspended the meeting and returned to her castle.

She was completely surprised when her friends Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin arrived to celebrate her birthday, which she already forgot about. She received five presents: a color pencil box from Hay Lin, a diary from Irma, a toy frog from Will (part of her frog collection), a pair of roller skates from Cornelia, and a camera from Taranee.

After her friends left, Elyon decided to travel through her kingdom to learn more about it. She planed to write her observations in the diary, draw with the color pencils, and to photograph everything she finds interesting.

One night, as she sleeps, she was visited by the spirit of her birth mother, who gave Elyon some last advice (to believe in herself) and said farewell forever.

Shortly after that she discovers someone was stalking her: Vathek, who was sent out to keep an eye on Elyon. The next day they continued their journey together, and Vathek told Elyon some more about the history of Metamoor. There are two kinds of people in Metamoor: the Escanors, that look like Elyon and like the people on Earth, and the Galhot that look like Vathek. The Galhot were the original inhabitants of Metamoor and the Escanor are the heirs of the first man to cross a portal from Earth to Metamoor, many years ago.

When they were near the Tower of Grendal, Elyon and Vathek were trapped by Rascal and his men. Rascal is an independent Whisperer who lead a community in an underground village. Not knowing Phobos and Cedric are gone, and still believing Vathek is serving them, Raskal brought Vathek up for trial; Elyon gots locked up in a cell where she met the blind Ardehl, the former leader of the villagers. Ardehl was the first one who understood Elyon is the Light of Meridian.

Elyon wasn't planning to stay for long and escaped with Ardehl, and started looking for his friend. In this time, Vathek was thrown in a pit where a Sarvak (a kind of dragon) was unleashed. When he was almost defeated, Elyon intervened by calming down the Sarvak. She convinced the people of the underground village that Metamoor has changed in their favor and told them to go back home.

Rascal, who was ruling his people as a tyrant just like Phobos did, saw his authority fading away and finally gave in.

Elyon used her powers to destroy the ceiling of the giant cave, thus allowing the light to enter and flew out. She admired her kingdom and understood that she is worthy to reign over it, after all.



The main characters of this comic book story are:

  • Elyon - Queen of Meridian
  • Vathek - Elyon's faithful servant

The supporting characters are: