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The Orube Special is a special issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics. The W.I.T.C.H. comic book is known to release a special issue every year that tells a unique story about the girls, such as a what if story, or a deeper look into their own lives.


This special issue deals with Orube's life on Earth, mainly with her application at the university for a journalist course. She solved a case of computers stolen from a university newspaper.


Orube was struggling with her dual identity of both Orube and Rebecca Rudolph. While thinking about it, she thought about her past training in martial arts by her teacher Luba on Basiliade.

While talking to the W.I.T.C.H. girls, Orube decided to properly attend university and not just use it as a cover for while she was living on Earth.

On her first trip to the university, she met Ambros Dale, who Orube ended up throwing over her head.

After that, she met Joshua, her neighbour who invited her to attend his journalism class with him. The teacher, William Korter, reminded Orube of Luba and inspired her to take up journalism. Because of that, Joshua took Orube to the school newspaper's office, where they found out that the school computers had been stolen. The editor, Isabel Pilgrim, gave Orube a camera to help her collect evidence to find the thief.

Orube went to Taranee for photography lessons. Orube tried to take a picture of Taranee and after doing so, Taranee checked to see if the picture was right and the picture was taken perfectly. Then she went to Irma for cooking lessons so she could host the newspaper staff for dinner. While she was in Irma's house, Orube broke the faucet because she didn't know how to turn it off. Later Irma and Orube tried to cook something but it ended up overcooked.

Back at the newspaper's office, Majid, one of the staff there, gave her a note from the thief, which Orube sniffed. Ambros came to the office to taunt Majid but Orube scared him off.

Orube followed Ambros and found him and another student using the stolen computers.

Later, she got Taranee's help to develop her photographs and went out with a wheelbarrow.

While trying to prepare a meal for the newspaper staff at her home, Orube made the same mistake with a the faucet as she made at Irma's house. When the rest of the students from the newspaper arrived, they helped her fix the mess. Once they were done, Orube suggested getting pizza instead of her cooking, but Fred Gustajon, a caterer arrived thanks to Cornelia's worries about Irma's teaching.

After dinner, Orube brought in her wheelbarrow, now full of the newspaper's computers. Orube explained that Ambros stole the computers and that she stole them back. Isabel said she couldn't write an article about the recovery of the computers but that Orube was now part of the newspaper staff, thanks to her investigative skills.

Later, Orube reconciled her identities of Orube and Rebecca, deciding that they where both the same.



The main characters of this comic book story are: