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Two Hearts For a Ball is a special issue of the W.I.T.C.H. comics. It is also known as the World Cup Special.

Plot Summary

It starts off with the girls with Peter and Joel watching the World Cup Championship on television. Irma starts obsessing with her favorite football player David Adams and Joel seems kinda jealous that she is cheering for him so much. Irma and Joel get into an argument and Irma storms out of the house but listens through the door so she does not miss any of the game.

The next day Irma missed the ending of the game and is talking about it with Tara. Then they run into Vicky, a girl who loves to play football, but her mother won't let her because she is not a boy. They see a flyer for a boy's football team where Irma comes up with an idea. She decides to try out for the football team dressed as a boy. And enlists the other girls to help her learn more about football to get on the team. Joel apologized for the way he acted and Irma forgives him right away and Joel is so confused.

Will and Tara are asking Peter about the different equipment needed for football. In the park Hay Lin is in a tree taking down notes about the rules of football while invisible, but gets hit in the head by a football and falls out of the tree. Cornelia is at her house and makes the mistake of asking her dad about football, but before he can start rambling she gets away and decides to use the internet to do research.

The girls gather at the park to start Irma's training for football. Irma starts running behind Cornelia's bike but quickly gets tired but Hay Lin sends a bit of wind her way to keep her going. While Tara teachers her some dance moves to keep up her agility. Then Vicky shows up and decides to help train Irma to actually play football. They finish training and walk home together and talk. Vicky talks about how her mom does not approve of her playing football. But changes the subject to Joel even Irma says that they are just friends. Meanwhile, Joel tells Peter about how much he misses Irma.

At Hay Lin's house Irma and Vicky out on their boy disguises made by Hay Lin they are actually really good. The girls boy names are Vick and Rami. But Irma just has to make fun of Cornelia's skinniness and of course Cornelia gets mad and needs to be held back. At the tryouts both the girls make it and get really excited almost blowing their cover but then try to act manly. But then we learn that Irma is probably going to sit on the bench as a replacement. The girls then hit the showers and say that they are allergic to water. They try to sneak away but then they are confronted by Joel who invites them to play football at the golden but they deny him.

At Golden Irma and Vicky tell the girls that they made the team. But outside Uriah was planning to set of fireworks during the football game as a prank. But Vicky's mom finds her boy outfit and forbids her to play football. But David comes to her house and we find out that he is actually her brother and tries to convince the mom to let her play.

At the game because Vicky isn't there Irma has to fill in for her so the girls cheer for her while wearing semi Guardian outfits designed by Hay Lin. Irma starts failing so the girls decide to use their powers to help her out witch includes blowing wind, making the ref's whistle really hot, and throwing mud in Irma's face. Finally after the first half Joel figures out that Rami is Irma. When Irma gets a penalty she is about to do her kick and at the same time Uriah is about to set off his fire crackers. But before he can do it David stops them just in time at the same time Vicky comes in and is allowed to play football. Irma figures out that Vicky is David's sister. Irma falls over Joel tells Irma that he knows that it is her.

Vicky used her awesome football skills to win the match and Irma kisses Joel. But then David invites them to go to the world cup with him. Where the scene cuts to Kandrakar with the Oracle watching the World Cup on a TV with popcorn. And that ends it off.