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The Sphere of Lagadath is a fictional magical item from in the W.I.T.C.H. comics. Its only appearance is in Issue 055: The Day After. The Sphere of Lagadath has the ability to answer a person's questions.


Reminiscent of the crystal ball, an object used by fortune tellers to predict the future. The Sphere is an ethereal orb made up of a swirling mass of energy which rests in a stand with a pair of hands shaped from pure gold.


The Sphere of Lagadath's roots were unknown. Before he used it, Endarno revealed that the Sphere was "as ancient as Kandrakar" and the original Sphere was lost, leaving the duplicate in the Chamber of Spirits as the only copy available for Endarno.[1]

Endarno utilized the Sphere of Lagadath to answer the Guardians' concerns regarding Matt, who was captured by Cedric inside the magical book of Jonathan Ludmoore. Traveling to Kandrakar, the Guardians met Endarno, who has referred to the Sphere of Lagadath to answer Will's pressing questions. Endarno has managed to summon the powers of the Sphere, an image of Matt appearing from it. In addition to this, the Guardians and Endarno were surprised by more clues (the symbols of the elements and images of creatures) which exploded from the Sphere.[1]

Endarno explained the clues to the Guardians, telling of the efforts of Ludmoore to harness the powers of the elements, especially their darker side. In one of Ludmoore's attempts, the book he has used was sealed off, the symbols of the elements tried to return to their source, spreading out to different places. Endarno also told the Guardians that magical beings were summoned to watch over those symbols. After the explanations, Endarno left the Chamber of Spirits, leaving the Guardians with a tube which contained the Map of portals.[1]


The only ability the Sphere of Lagadath displayed in the comic series was its ability to grant answers to anyone's questions.[1]

Even as a duplicate, it successfully manifested its ability, though because of the ephemeral nature of a magical item's copy, the Sphere of Lagadath's answers were either ambiguous or incomplete.[1]