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Spike wheels are a magical item in the TV series. The spike wheels made their debut in the Season 1 episode, Framed.


These were used by Lurdens and Castle Guards during Phobos' reign. Spike wheels were first used against the W.I.T.C.H. Guardians while they were inside Elias Van Dahl's painting.[1]

More of the spike wheels were seen when they were used by some Lurdens, Castle Guards and Cedric, in order to get Caleb and Blunk. The Guardians and Caleb soon came to the area to try and find Blunk, but he was ok. However, they discovered a Castle Guard was injured by one of the spikes from the wheel, and against Caleb's complaints, the Guardians helped him and soon Morpions were released and one of them managed to inject Morpion venom into Taranee, hence she fell into a coma-like sleep for 24 hours.[2]


Lurdens or Castle Guards will let the wheels roll freely towards fleeing people and will send out spikes at the victim to hopefully injure them and stop them from running.[1]

The wheel will eventually stop and release lots of tiny little orange-like scorpions, which are called Morpions.[1] The Morpions will attack the victim with a stinger on their tails, these will inject Morpion Venom into the victim and cause them to sleep for 24 hours.[2]


Images of spike wheels.