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The Star of Cassidy was a magical item named after the former Guardian of water, Cassidy. It appears only in the comics.


Cassidy was lured into a trap by Nerissa and killed by her.[1] At some later point, Cassidy became a star.

Halinor knew about this as her diary included astronomical calculations for the star's location.[2] After Halinor's death, Kadma gave this diary to Will. Will gave it to Hay Lin who in turn gave it to Professor Lyndon to help translate it.[1] Professor Lyndon translated the diary and told the Guardians that it mentioned the Star of Cassidy but couldn't see it in the location the diary specified.[2]

Later that night, the Guardians snuck into the observatory to look for the star themselves. When Will looked through the telescope, she saw a star which none of the others could see. The Star of Cassidy shone for Will and Will saw Cassidy and spoke with her. Though none of the others could see Cassidy they heard Will's side of the conversation.[2]

As Nerissa had previously tricked Will into giving her the Heart of Kandrakar,[3] Cassidy gave Will her spark of the Heart, which every keeper of the Heart keeps inside them, as a replacement and its powers seem to be light colored rather than fuchsia based.[2]

During the battle with Nerissa at Kandrakar, the spark of the Heart, which Will began to call the Star of Cassidy, projected an ethereal shield that protected the Guardians from a black slime Nerissa created from the Heart. Following this, the Star of Cassidy merged with the Heart of Kandrakar and subsequently restored the Heart to Will.[4]