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Stephen was an old friend and former boyfriend of Irma Lair whom she reunited with during the events of Arc 7: New Power. The former couple quickly re-entered a relationship which continued until an unspecified point in time.


Upon his introduction in the comics, Stephen is noted for his good looks by all of the Guardians. Stephen has brown eyes and flowing blond hair that extends below the nape of his neck. Stephen is also noticeably taller than Irma with her barely reaching his shoulder.[1]


Irma and Stephen met at summer camp where he gave her a golden ring.[2] Even then Irma had a crush on him, but unfortunately they were not able to see each other again until the events of Arc 7.[3]

He is member of a secret team of heroes called U18, a group of young vigilantes living and working in a basement underground Heatherfield who control the electrical wires, water pipe lines, and city cameras in order to catch criminals and protect the city.[2]

Stephen met Irma again at the library by chance, and was glad to hear she remembered him. Stephen offered to buy her a snack from the cafe, but she had to leave with her friends. He told her what times he usually visited the library, hoping they could see each other again.[3]

Eventually, he grew anxious and decided to stop by Irma's house, walking up and down her street until she came out to see him. Stephen bashfully invited her out to a movie some time and she agreed happily. However, he finally noticed she wasn't wearing the ring he'd given her and she had to admit she lost it some time ago. Irma clearly felt bad about it, but he wasn't worried, declaring it junk as he wanted to get her something better now. Stephen also noticed the burn mark on her neck and she ran off at that point, not wanting to explain it.[2]

Following this, Stephen went to hang out in U18 and where their loud music drew W.I.T.C.H. to their location. U18 were surprised to see them but welcomed them to U18 and introduced them to his friends. When Marcus scolded him for breaking their secrecy, Stephen defended they should expand their group and declared Irma was his girlfriend, to her surprised delight. Stephen and an eager Bob gave the girls a tour of their operations and other friends, teasing Ira who was in the shower. They explained about stopping a bank robbery, declaring themselves heroes, which W.I.T.C.H. agreed with. The girls revealed they were looking for something in the underground and Stephen offered to escort them, not taking no for an answer. The Guardians pretended to accept their help, but Cornelia pretended to be frightened of the tunnels. Stephen and Bob declared they would scout ahead alone, not realizing W.I.T.C.H. snuck off without them.[2]

Irma had to face an ultimatum: to chose love and stay with Stephen or keep her powers over water and find the root of her powers. She chose love which was the correct answer, letting her keep her powers while pursuing her love for Stephen. She also found the ring he'd given her. Stephen worried for the "missing" girls until they returned to the U18 base, revealing she'd found his ring.[2]

Stephen and Irma began to date in earnest after that, sharing a similar sense of humor while greatly enjoying their time together.[4]

U18 frequently welcomed W.I.T.C.H. as guests which allowed the two to spend time together. When Will wandered off without warning, the Guardians came to them for the use of their video camera but begged Stephen not to ask why. Stephen chose to believe in Irma and convinced the others to help them.[5]

When an unknown threat hacked into Heatherfield’s systems, U18 was protected by their own security systems though still had a big mess to deal with. W.I.T.C.H. came to them to see the catastrophes popping up around Heatherfield and Stephen could tell they knew something about the cause of it all. Stephen angrily confronted Irma about this, declaring he knew she was lying to him despite that they promised honesty to each other. Feeling bad, Irma finally revealed the truth of her magical powers to him. Stephen didn’t immediately believe her, so she demonstrated by granting his heart’s desire for a motorcycle and even turning him into a frog. Once he understood, he apologized for snapping at her. Irma left to rejoin her friends and he went back to his own teammates to continue working on the issue, worrying for Irma’s safely as the situation became more dangerous. An earthquake rocked through the U18 base and Stephen asked if Ira could locate where W.I.T.C.H. had gone, but he couldn’t as their security cameras had been destroyed. The disaster eventually ceased with no explanation of what had caused it, leaving Heatherfield a disaster zone. Stephen went to Irma’s house to wait for her and when she finally returned, he asked her what had happened. But she only asked him to hug her.[6]

They continued to date as normal after that, with him stopping by the W.I.T.C.H. study group just to say hello[7] and later attending their dance performance where he was amazed by Irma’s capoeira moves. When W.I.T.C.H. became overconfident with their new powers, she began to treat him coldly but this was settled once they had defeated Dark Mother.[8]

Irma began to regret having revealed the Guardians to Stephen and avoided him. However, she realized her mistake and invited him to her house for help gardening while she explained her previous adventures with W.I.T.C.H. Irma also told him the story of turning a boy into a toad as a warning that with her powers, being together would be difficult. He assured her he was willing to try and that he would keep her secret safe.

On the last day of school, Stephen invited Irma to a party with him and his school friends. Stephen could tell she was nervous but she insisted they go because soon his friends would all be going to different schools. On their arrival, his friend Chantal was overly familiar with him while being condescending to Irma. During the party he spoke with his friends about their future plans. Stephen declared that he wanted to go into science. When frogs appeared in the punchbowl, he scolded Irma who promised no more magic during the party. After leaving the party, Irma admitted to Stephen she worried about him leaving for a new school and forgetting about her. Stephen emotively declared this would not be the case and the two embraced, though they were still uncertain of what the future would hold for them.[9]

At some point, he seemed to have joined Matt Olsen's band.

Stephen helped with the preparations for the stargazing beach party, doing the grocery shopping and conspiring with Peter Cook to bring their band instruments despite Taranee’s disapproval. Their plans were foiled by Peter’s car breaking down (actually Taranee’s work) but they still enjoyed the shooting stars with a quiet party.[10]

Irma spoke to her friends about how her father would eavesdrop on her when she spoke to Stephen on the phone, and even tried spying on them when they went out on dates. Irma pretended not to know and didn't tell Stephen.[11]

Stephen wasn't mentioned again after this point and Irma showed interest in other boys[6] so it's assumed they broke up.


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