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Sun and Luna Moore are part of the supporting cast in the W.I.T.C.H. comics. They first appeared in Issue 92 and later, in successive issues as cameo appearances.


Sun and Luna are twin daughters of a veterinarian who works in Heatherfield in a clinic.[1]

Sun and Luna are identical twins who were very close to each other before. It changed when Sun, the magical of the twins, discovered her power of communicating with animals. She realized the wrongdoings of people who abandoned their pets and took it as a responsibility which she shouldered alone, as she did not tell anyone about her powers, even her twin. Sun soon changed her outlook with other people, becoming somewhat anti-social, which worried Luna, who was the more cheerful of the two.[1]

They met Taranee and her parents when the Cook family a pet to ease their loneliness from Peter's moving out.[1]

Sun helped the Guardians in fending off Mormers, creatures from the Fast World, and later restored this good relationship with her sister Luna, who finally understood how Sun feels because of her powers.[1]

Later, she participated in the mission of the Guardians to gather magical people.[citation needed]