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Susan Vandom is a fictional character who first appeared in W.I.T.C.H. Issue #1 in April 2001. She is the mother of Will Vandom, the leader of W.I.T.C.H., a group of five teenage girls who make up the Guardians, the people who guard Kandrakar, the center of the universe, from evil.

Chronology: TV series

Susan divorced with Thomas Vandom (Tony in the TV series) after he had left her. She had to cope with her problems alone and protect her daughter from all dangers, including Will's father, because Susan thought that he might mentally hurt her.

Susan is a very kind and caring mother, even if she has a short temper, and cares so much about her daughter that she was ready to sacrifice her relationship with Mr. Collins and move away from Heatherfield because she feared her relationship with Will was diminishing because she thought that Will did not like the neighborhood. But the Guardians did all they could to help Will stop her mother from moving by trying to retrieve Susan Vandom's letter of resignation from her boss's office.

Susan works for Simultech, an industrial software-developing company on the outskirts of Heatherfield, and even has her own assistant.

Chronology: Comic Book

Susan is currently known as Susan Vandom Collins, after her marriage to Will's history teacher, Dean Collins, in the last episode of the fifth arc.

She later gives birth to Will's baby half-brother William Collins.

Later in the Series (Arc 9) Susan tries to instill some household skills in her daughter giving her cleaning jobs to do and teaching her to cook.


  • In the sixth issue of the New Powers arc, Susan gave birth to Will's little half-brother William Collins.
  • Susan is very protective of her children, but is sometimes unfair in Will's eyes.
  • It is possible that she has a magical background as both her children have magical powers.
  • In the planned season 3 of the TV series, Dean and Susan were planned to be engaged. Susan and Dean along with the other Guardian's parents were also planned to eventually find out that the Girls were Guardians.


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