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The Symbols of Elyon are representations of Elyon's body, mind and spirit. They were used to make a magical crown in the TV series.


Phobos had finally discovered who his long lost sister was, Elyon Brown,[1] so he started the Ceremony of the Amalgamation, which would cause a part of Elyon to be in Meridian already, so that it would be easier to bring her there afterwards. For this ritual, he needed symbols of Elyon's body, mind, and spirit. Cedric took her hairbrush, which represented her body, and math test which she made a perfect score on, which represented her mind, but the spirit was much harder since Cedric had to get her breath. Cedric finally captured Elyon's breath in a balloon.[2]

The Ritual of Amalgamation was completed and the three items were combined to create a crown, which Elyon wore, even after Phobos is defeated in Season 2. Later, Cedric managed to take Elyon back to Meridian and to a lying Phobos, who lied to her about the Veil and the Guardians[3] and even told Elyon that the crown was made by Aketon, and Elyon herself stated that the crown was very comfortable despite it being metallic.[4]