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T is for Trauma is the twentieth episode of season 2, and the forty-sixth episode overall of the TV series.


Nerissa appeared disguised as a student at Sheffield Institute, but was soon uncovered and a battle ensued after the Guardians tried to steal the Seal of Nerissa.

The girls were losing fighting element on element, but won by switching their enemies, knowing that element against element would only make them lose as the former Guardians had powers that were fueled by two hearts making them more potent and furthermore their predecessors were more experienced with their powers.

In the B-story, Hay Lin and Eric Lyndon started dating.

Release notes

  • This episode aired after W is for Witch, causing confusion for some viewers.

Behind the scenes


  • Every second-season episode has a clear focus on one of the five main characters. This episode is one of 4 in the season to focus on Hay Lin.
  • Since Hay Lin was still depressed about the fact that she lost Yan Lin to Nerissa, she did not say "Air" during the W.I.T.C.H. group transformation sequence, and in fact had her back to the camera when normally she would be facing it.