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W.I.T.C.H. season 1 episode 23 "The Battle of The Meridian Plains" transcript
Character Dialogue
Castle Guard [grunting]
Lord Cedric The rebels would like nothing better than to disrupt the Coronation ceremony. Where is their secret hideout? Let's see how silent they are if they can't drink from their wells.
Jeriah, no!
Lord Cedric Do the other wells.
Prince Phobos Elyon, this is the throne you'll sit on to greet your subjects.
Elyon Oh, it's so beautiful! May I? This is incredible.
Hay Lin No! [gasping] I was Elyon. I was sitting on this big chair and I was real happy, but then I started to feel totally draggy and weak. I couldn't lift up my arms, and then I woke up.
Taranee Cook I have nightmares about heights, and spiders, machinery, bees... my teeth falling out...
Cornelia Hale Touch the chocolate croissant and you enter a world of pain.
Our energy, our food, now our water.
Lord Cedric I put Polarite spikes in all of their wells. Thirsty mouths will eventually talk.
Prince Phobos Why is it so hard for your men to find the rebels' hideout?
Lord Cedric There are rumours of a mythical city...
Prince Phobos If there is a city, why hasn't my leading warrior, with all of my soldiers at his disposal, found it?
Lord Cedric Your kingdom is large, my prince. Perhaps in the Meridian forest...
Prince Phobos Enough! Pull guards from the storerooms and the armoury and widen the search! I will not have an interruption from the rebels that might reveal anything to Elyon of my plans!
Caleb People can't last without water; their bravery's being tested every day they remain silent about the Infinite City.
Irma Lair What about this lake?
Caleb That was the water source, but something got into the lake. Something they call the "Kaithim."
Will Vandom What's that?
Caleb The Kaithim is a lethal predator.
Irma Lair So we take it on and get rid of it. How big is this thing?
Caleb It's basically the size of the lake.
Cornelia Hale What?
Caleb You could say it is the lake.
Taranee Cook So it's like an energy field using the water?
Caleb You let any water from the lake into the village, it could be the Kaithim, or part of it. And it's not pleasant to deal with.
Hay Lin That sounds as scary as my dream. I was Elyon. It was a nightmare.
Yan Lin You know Hay Lin, the Air Guardian often has power to anticipate others feelings. Some have this power to a greater degree than others. I hope it was just a dream.
Caleb Tomorrow, I need to time the shifts of the guards, which means getting up close. Blunk can't smell anything with this cold, not even himself.
Irma Lair Lucky him.
Caleb While the others are tackling the Kaithim, you come with the Heart, in case I need to make a portal.
Will Vandom I'm there.
Taranee Cook Blunk, Blunk... no!
[girls] Eww...
[birds squawking]
Lord Cedric [groaning]
Vathek [metal clinking]
Lord Cedric [snarling] So the Infinite City is not a myth. Time is suddenly on our side!
Aldarn With the city discovered, we've lost the element of surprise. How much food do we have?
Enough to last a week, maybe.
Aldarn Even if we surface through the other passages, I have nowhere to hide 1,000 men! We're safe for the moment, but they'll get through. Julian, you're Caleb's father, what would he do?
Caleb There's a bit of a drop.
Will Vandom Guardians, unite! Earth!
Irma Lair Water!
Taranee Cook Fire!
Cornelia Hale Earth!
Hay Lin Air!
Irma Lair We know you have a choice, so thanks for flying Air Guardian. Have a pleasant time fighting evil during your stay.
Caleb Good luck with the Kaithim, the villagers are counting on you. Take these to the Infinite City.
Hay Lin Hey, walkie-talkies! I love these things!
Caleb Yeah, they'll be a huge help during the assault on the castle. I got eight pairs.
Taranee Cook No, you've got seven pairs, and this one.
Blunk Hello, hello? Blunk here, ten-four.
Oh, no!
Caleb Blunk! Where are you?
Blunk Home with Mama.
Will Vandom He has a mother?
Oh, needs Sturgy root.
Hay Lin He's sick, and his mama's taking care of him!
Caleb Why did you take the walkie-talkie?
Blunk Blunk think could sell as back-scratcher.
Caleb If you see him, could you get it back?
Need Sturgy root, or not get well.
Blunk [coughing]
Prince Phobos Ah, Vathek... It's time you saw the inside of the dungeons you guarded for so long. Take him away! So the Infinite City does exist. I assume you're breaking through their fortifications?
Lord Cedric I've already begun, my prince.
[man] Better come up with a plan. Don't like sitting around.
Aldarn Listen! Listen to me! We could wait, but Phobos will be more prepared to meet us, and we'll be weaker! How many men do you figure he has?
Five thousand, maybe more.
Aldarn We have to attack the castle.
What? Aldarn! Attack?
Aldarn While we still have the strength. His defences are reduced by how many goons he has out there. It's what Caleb would do.
Irma Lair Well, here we are, ready to fight a lake.
Cornelia Hale It looks pretty normal. Throw a stone in.
Taranee Cook You throw a stone in.
Hay Lin It looks like ordinary water. Hey! Anyone bring a towel?
Cornelia Hale Hay Lin, behind you!
Hay Lin Wow! What's that, its arm?
Cornelia Hale See, that's why I drink bottled water.
Irma Lair [screams]
Cornelia Hale Irma! Earth!
Kaithim [roars]
[metal clinking]
Caleb There! That guy's new!
Will Vandom OK, it looks like they change every two hours, with a five minute overlap. Now if we...
Caleb Shh! Something's coming! What are they doing? We're not ready! Something's gone wrong...
Prince Phobos How many?
Castle Guard At least a thousand.
Elyon Phobos! Is the castle under attack?
Prince Phobos As long as you're inside, you're safe. Miranda! Why don't you and Elyon go and play in the Games Room?
Lord Cedric They haven't a chance. Why now?
Prince Phobos Desperate men make mistakes. Before the sun rises, the rebellion will be crushed forever!
Caleb Can you communicate with the others?
Will Vandom They can't hear me! This is a mystic jewel, not a walkie-talkie!
Blunk Sturgy root, Sturgy root...
Will Vandom Blunk! Do you still have the... The "back-scratcher?"
Caleb Cornelia! Taranee, Hay Lin, Irma! Come in.
Will Vandom It's too far, they're out of range.
[mob yelling]
Aldarn Launch the gliders, here!
Will Vandom Blunk, we need the other Guardians. You have to run that way with this, while calling them. As soon as they reply, tell them there's an emergency!
Blunk [gasping]
[warriors yelling] [grunting]
Caleb What happened?
Aldarn Phobos found the Infinite City. We had to attack.
Caleb [grunts]
Will Vandom [grunts]
Blunk Hello! Emergency!
Irma Lair We're fighting it wrong! Caleb said the Kaithim isn't the water, it's the energy inside it.
Hay Lin So how do you fight energy?
Taranee Cook Conduct it somewhere else! How can we make a massive static charge?
Cornelia Hale Comb our hair a lot?
Taranee Cook Lightning! Ice crystals in rising clouds get negatively charged.
Castle Guard [grunting]
[metal clanking]
Caleb [grunting]
Blunk [gasping] Girls! Important!
Irma Lair As soon as you feel your hair standing, get out of the way.
Cornelia Hale Now!
Kaithim [screeches]
Irma Lair Mission accomplished.
Blunk Girls! Girls!
Taranee Cook Blunk, Caleb told you not to play with that...
Blunk No play! Emergency at castle, come quick! [exhales] Sturgy root! Better sick!
[warriors yelling]
Caleb [grunts]
Castle Guard Won't you look pretty in a cage.
Will Vandom Blunk got through to you!
Irma Lair We thought the attack wasn't for three days!
Will Vandom I'll explain later. The rebels need help up top.
Aldarn Groups of three! Meet up in the Great Hall.
Elyon No! You will not enter my castle and ruin my home!
Cornelia Hale Elyon, no! These are the good guys! Listen, you're in incredible danger. Phobos has got a plan to...
Elyon I told you to stay away from me!
Cornelia Hale Elyon!
Elyon You will stop this now! [thundering]
Drake Caleb! She'll take everyone down, if we don't retreat!
Will Vandom He's right!
Caleb Give the order.
[birds squawking]
Will Vandom Hey, at least the villagers have water. You guys did a great job.
Caleb Aldarn and my father were among those taken.
Oh, no!
Caleb There's a hundred men in the dungeons.
Hay Lin Elyon captured some of those beast-things, too!
Cornelia Hale She doesn't even know the Lurdens are on Phobos' side. Wonder what other lies he's telling her?
Hay Lin I had the dream again... I wish I knew what it meant.