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The Fairy is the main villain in the Halloween Special Issue.


During Lilian's trick-or-treating, she and Cornelia stopped at the last house to get some candy, but the girl who lived there hates Halloween and drove them away from her home. After that, she followed the siblings into the mysterious forest, and saw the Laughing Tree and Cornelia touching the Pumpkin Heart. There, she realized that the pumpkin was the heart of the Halloween nightmares. She decided to take away the heart and brought it inside her house to eliminate the nightmares, thus ending the existence of Halloween.[1]

The Pumpkin Prince detected that someone stole their heart and together with the other nightmares they roamed the city with the hopes of finding the Pumpkin Heart. After a brief explanation, the nightmares and the Guardians figured out who was behind the stolen heart through Cornelia. They confronted the Fairy, who declared that she was intending to erase Halloween forever. She and the Guardians fought, and she was very powerful and seemingly invincible. She stabbed the Pumpkin Heart, injuring all of the nightmares. Later she approached Lilian and found a Halloween box and was frightened by it. The girls realized her weakness and defeated her by literally make her shrink in fear and disarmed her of her magic wand.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Fairy's wand

While the Fairy is not as powerful as the Guardians, she seems to have mastered the art of transfiguration/glamour. She transformed the girls' magical attacks into girly ornaments and made colors their outfits pink.[1]

Her magic comes from her wand. The girls discovered that fear is her weakness, and decided to imitate her techniques by transforming themselves into monsters. The Guardians scared her which caused her to shrink, and the girls destroyed her weapon so that she became harmless.[1]