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The Final Battle is the twenty-sixth episode of season 1 of the TV series, and the season finale.


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In Meridian, Elyon was at the apogee of her powers and was excitedly preparing for tomorrow's Coronation but Phobos and Cedric were talking out of her earshot: there's something afoot that Phobos wasn't telling his sister: the Coronation was moved forward a day so that Phobos could drain Elyon's powers to prevent a rebel rescue.

Meanwhile, in Heatherfield, Caleb finally figured out with the Guardians' help a way to get his men across the Meridian Plains unseen - Portal - and immediately commenced the attack after Cornelia sensed Elyon was in danger!

Indeed, in Meridian, Phobos revealed to Elyon his true self, scaring her, then tied her to the throne in order to take her powers. Even worse, Lord Cedric, who lured Elyon into "coming home", revealed his true self, the people in the portraits of the royal family were goblin-like Meridian aristocrats siding with Prince Phobos all along, as did Miranda who revealed her true identity as Phobos' servant as well as her true spider-like form.

However, the Guardians, the Rebels, Matt, Blunk and some of Phobos's Guards who were converted by Tynar, began the invasion. The final battle was about to begin. The Guardians and Caleb's troops were winning until Phobos, who managed to steal some of Elyon's power, came and turned the tables on them but just before he could take the Heart of Kandrakar, Elyon (who was rescued by Cornelia) arrived and turned the tide of the battle.

With Elyon's help, Phobos was defeated and imprisoned along with Cedric and all of his monsters in the Mage's chamber in the Infinite City, but the Guards were forgiven and Elyon became the ruler of Meridian.

In the B-story, Irma gaves Mr. Huggles to Hay Lin. Caleb and Cornelia shared their first kiss.

Possible mistakes

  • At one point near the end of the episode, when the villagers were celebrating and the girls were still in their Guardian forms, Taranee was seen with her hair in the normal way she wears it instead of her Guardian dreadlocks.

Behind the scenes


  • Seen in the crowd cheering Elyon are Aketon (Aldarn's father), Alborn and Miriadel (Elyon's Earth parents) and Elias Van Dahl (the artist from Framed).
  • Phobos' "You've failed me for the last time." is a likely reference to Darth Vader's line to Admiral Ozzel in The Empire Strikes Back.