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W.I.T.C.H. season 1 episode 26 "The Final Battle" transcript
Character Dialogue
[birds squawking]
Caleb One thousand men. Over a hundred children. Their food, belongings and warm clothes were left behind when the city was taken. If they light a fire, they have to move in case smoke gives away their position. And Phobos' men search for them day and night. The Coronation ceremony is tomorrow. We have to attack before dawn.
Will Vandom I don't see how you can get 1000 soldiers across this much land without being spotted.
Yan Lin This is only one of your problems What about the boy, Matthew, who saw you in your Guardian form?
Will Vandom I talked to Matt. He was a little shocked after seeing the Metaworld. But he knows Elyon from school. He wants to help!
Yan Lin [sighs]
Hay Lin Lunchtime, Mr Huggles!
Yan Lin Don't you let that thing near the restaurant!
Hay Lin I won't I won't I won't! I promise.
Irma Lair Sorry I couldn't keep you, Mr Huggles.
Will Vandom Me too, Mr Huggles.
Blunk [slurps] Blunk take Mr Huggles! [laughs]
Cornelia Hale He's a pet, not a furry snack.
Blunk Blunk help plan battle? And stay close to nice pet?
Will Vandom Blunk, thanks for all your help over the last few months. There's so much we couldn't have done without you, but we can open portals now.
Irma Lair Face it, dude, you're not a warrior. You are a scavenger.
Blunk Goods recycler!
Caleb We don't want you to get hurt, OK?
Blunk [grumbles]
Hay Lin Pity you don't have one of these under the castle, you know, to sneak through? Maybe you could build one?
Caleb Wait a minute. Maybe I can. The army's stuck here. Imagine that these tubes are portals. You go in from the forest, you come out into the castle. But, unlike the dormouse, you can't be seen while you're inside.
Taranee Cook Oh, wow. Yeah!
Cornelia Hale Yeah, wow, what?
Caleb Well, you know that portals aren't for crossing within the same world.
Will Vandom So once we've exited on Earth through the first portal...
Caleb That way we've created a bridge between dimensions that will lead the rebel Army safely into the castle.
Hay Lin Mr Huggles, you're a genius!
Mr. Huggles [munches]
Elyon [laughs] Woo-hoo! I used to have dreams about flying. This is even better!
Prince Phobos Your powers seem to have reached their peak. Your relatives will be proud.
Elyon I'm so excited about the Coronation. I don't know if I'll sleep tonight.
Prince Phobos It's time. The arrangements have been made?
[thunder crashes]
Will Vandom The Abyss of Shadows. If it's bottomless and it starts up at the castle, then it goes right down the middle of this humungous vine. Corny?
Cornelia Hale Earth! [rumbling]
Will Vandom OK. This is where they come in.
Caleb This is no good, we're in someone's kitchen.
Cornelia Hale Wait. I don't think so.
Will Vandom [groans]
[realtor] This one will be available for showing in three days. Hey, how about this snow?
Will Vandom The Seville: Three bedrooms, lake view. It's a model home!
Cornelia Hale That's perfect, right?
Caleb We only need 12 hours. And a second portal back to Meridian. The Hoogong Gorge. This'll do fine. We'll go in here through that kitchen, and straight into the castle.
Elyon Hello? [gasps] Oh, hi. You scared me. You wanted me for something?
Prince Phobos Yes. I'm sorry, Elyon, we need you to sit on the throne again.
Elyon Hey, no problem! It's not the kind of thing a girl objects to. You really think we need more rehearsal for tomorrow?
Prince Phobos There's been a slight change in plans. The Coronation isn't tomorrow morning. It's going to be tonight.
Elyon Tonight? You're kidding. Why?
Prince Phobos In case any kind of attack was being planned to save you.
Elyon What do you mean, "save me?" [screams] What's happening? Help!
Lord Cedric I promised you on Earth, your true destiny was something you could not even imagine.
Prince Phobos [laughs]
Elyon [screams]
[water bubbling]
Caleb We cross the Veil for the assault on the castle in 12 hours. I need all my strength.
Yan Lin Save some strength for the customers.
Matt Olsen I know we haven't eaten here before, but I've got a friend who comes here so I thought I'd check it out.
Cornelia Caleb! I had this horrible, overpowering feeling! Elyon's in huge trouble right now!
Matt Olsen Excuse me for a second.
Will Vandom OK, Cornelia, tell me again.
Cornelia Hale Something bad's happening. It was like she was calling to me. Plus, remember Hay Lin's dream!
Hay Lin I was Elyon, and I was trapped in this huge chair.
Cornelia Hale We have to go!
Irma Lair Corny, the last "emergency flash" you had was that Capri pants were over.
Caleb We already have an attack plan.
Cornelia Hale Caleb, I've known her all my life. I've always been able to feel when something's wrong!
Will Vandom [gasps] OK, let's move.
[aquarium bubbling]
Elyon [gasps] [moans]
Elyon Miranda! Please, Miranda, you've got to help me!
Miranda I am so, so sorry! [chuckles]
Elyon [screams] [screams]
Will Vandom This one! Guardians, unite! Earth!
Irma Lair Water!
Taranee Cook Fire!
Cornelia Hale Earth!
Hay Lin Air!
Caleb Aldarn, Vathek! Father! We have to move up the attack.
Aldarn To when?
Caleb To now. Cornelia has a strong feeling the princess is in danger.
Vathek Caleb, are you sure your feelings for the Guardian girl haven't... My men are ready to move.
Castle Guard You've heard what the men are discussing? Tynar, the one left behind after the swamp battle, was taken across the Veil. I've spoken to him. The Guardians healed him. They fed and protected him. He says everything we're told about Earth is a lie. And since the princess is the rightful heir, our true loyalty is to her, not to Phobos. He says the rebels are planning a major assault.
An assault?
Caleb Good luck, old friend.
Hay Lin Go get 'em! Nice hat, by the way!
Caleb Well, this is it. The final battle for Meridian has begun. You should go on ahead.
Hay Lin Oh! I'll be in the other world if you need me.
Will Vandom There are too many of them for this platform. We're going to have to start moving into the tunnels.
So Tynar was right!
Vathek Lieutenant, we decide this matter tonight.
Taranee Cook Wait, you guys!
Will Vandom Tynar!
Tynar I haven't persuaded them all. But their treatment here, and what I've described, has convinced these men it's better to risk everything for what I saw in your world than to live under Phobos.
Caleb Weapons room, throne room, great hall. Don't make more noise than you have to until you're sure they know we're here.
Elyon [groans]
Lord Cedric The ceremony of the Coronation has begun.
Elyon Phobos, please let me go!
Prince Phobos Dear sister, after all this preparation? Why do you think you were brought here?
Blunk Boyfriend of Will! Hello, again!
Matt Olsen You're that... That...
Blunk Blunk! High-five!
Matt Olsen I don't think so.
Blunk Suit self. That one? Only rocks. Follow!
Will Vandom Attention, everyone. Phobos is about to lose his appetite. We recommend you all go home.
Aldarn Caleb, we've got the weapons room. Throne room's guarded, something's going on in there.
Cornelia Hale That's where Elyon will be!
Aldarn I think we've been seen.
[horn sounding]
Caleb Attention all commanders. They know we're here. The attack is on, repeat, the attack is on!
Prince Phobos Rebels? Inside the castle?
Lord Cedric Impossible! How did they cross the Plains without being seen?
[horn sounding]
Miranda The Guardians are here and some of your worthless guards have joined them.
Prince Phobos What?
Elyon [gasps]
Castle Guard [grunting] [gasps]
Hay Lin She's not here.
Taranee Cook Look at this.
Hay Lin That's the chair in my dream!
Will Vandom It's not a chair, it's a throne. Phobos is holding the Coronation early!
Lord Cedric [growls]
Blunk [chomp]
Lord Cedric [yelps]
Blunk Not just scavenger! Warrior! Grrr!
Matt Olsen How can I help?
Will Vandom What are you talking about? What are you doing here? You're just a kid!
Matt Olsen So are you! Yesterday you said Earth was in danger.
Will Vandom You've gotta come with me, now.
Castle Guard [coughing] [grunting]
Caleb [grunts] Meet Tynar's group. Work towards the throne room. Look for Phobos! [grunts] Never mind, I found him.
[rebels groaning]
Matt Olsen Who is that?
Will Vandom Unfortunately, that's the home team.
Lurden [growling] [yelping]
Elyon Cornelia! Cornelia, I'm so sorry!
Cornelia Hale Don't get sappy on me, we have work to do.
Hay Lin [screams]
Prince Phobos You're no match for my powers now!
Lord Cedric I don't understand how they got inside!
Prince Phobos You've failed me for the last time.
Lord Cedric [screeches]
Prince Phobos You have something I need.
Will Vandom No!
Hay Lin Will!
Will Vandom [grunts] Matt! No!
Matt Olsen [grunts]
Elyon Hello, brother.
Prince Phobos [roars]
Hay Lin It won't work, Phobos. The Ancient Emperor's four dragons were good.
Prince Phobos No! This can't be how it ends!
Caleb Funny how tyrants always say that.
Elyon This castle, hundreds of guards, your creatures. All that energy just to perpetuate an evil lie. Goodbye, Phobos. You were never my brother.
Prince Phobos [yells]
[birds chirping]
[insects buzzing]
[crowd] Bravo!
Cornelia Hale So! Feel good to be the queen?
Elyon I'll miss you.
Cornelia Hale No way you'll miss me! I'm inviting myself back, once a week for dinner, in your new castle.
Yan Lin Evil rises sometimes, but it always falls. You must guard Phobos very carefully. A tyrant who has tasted power is twice as dangerous.
Matt Olsen Oh, man! I think I left my parents in the restaurant. Oh, well. What's our next adventure?
Will Vandom Our next adventure?
Blunk Blunk visit lots!
Caleb What do you mean, visit? You live here.
Blunk Only part time. Earth need hero like Blunk, too.
Irma Lair Yes, you're my hero, Blunk.
Will Vandom I can't believe it's all over.
Mage So now it all begins.