The Labyrinth is the sixth episode of season 1 of the TV series.


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Every student in Sheffield Institute is getting their midterms back and everybody is just about happy with their grades, except Taranee. Cedric's disguise as a bookseller seems to have attracted Cornelia, Elyon, Irma, Taranee, and Hay Lin to the store to look for history books (and to ogle at Cedric). While in the bookstore, the W.I.T.C.H. girls inadvertently touch an inversion point and find themselves in the middle of a Labyrinth inside Phobos’ castle.

Blunk, who was in the store at the time, manages to get word to Will, who accompanies Caleb on a rescue mission. Meanwhile, the others are smuggled out of the castle by a kitchen worker named Trill, who tells them about Phobos' sister. The Tracker, a hunter working for Phobos, arrives and chases the girls through the woods until Will shows up with the Heart and the they quickly defeat him. In the B-story, Caleb starts work at the Silver Dragon restaurant.

Comics connections

  • The part of the episode where the W.I.T.C.H. girls get trapped in a labyrinth inside the bookstore is similar to an event that occurred in issue 6 of the comics. It also bears some similarity to when they are trapped in the Book of Elements in issue 61.


  • When Irma says, "You still think it's one of us?", Taranee's voice is heard. This may be an animation error instead of a voicing one, as earlier in the episode it was Irma herself who was the biggest proponent of this theory among the girls.

Possibly explained

  • In this episode, Elyon states that she doesn't eat doughnuts, but in Happy Birthday Will she is seen eating one. However, it is possible that she developed a mild distaste for them after Caleb (whom she was attracted to) gave her the doughnut and ditched her multiple times in the earlier episode. This is further supported by her immediately perking up and running to get a doughnut after being informed that "there's a really cute guy serving" in this episode.
  • At the end of the episode, the teacher gives Taranee her midterm essay back, stating: "Your description of the Labyrinth, it's... it's almost as if you were there." This could be considered an error, as Taranee wrote and handed in the essay before the girls went to the labyrinth. However, particularly given that this hinges on the central plot of the episode rather than a minor detail, it seems unlikely that the writers would make such a mistake. They may have intended it to simply be a joke for the audience (perhaps referring to Taranee's intelligence), with Taranee's response of "Yeah. Almost." in a sheepish tone referring to her being nervous about giving away some indication of her adventures, as opposed to being about the content of the essay itself.


  • This episode marks the first appearances of Trill and the Tracker and Sniffer, as well as the concept of inversion points.
  • The girls find out that Prince Phobos mistreats the Meridian villagers, forcing them to work in his castle for a "pittance" as Trill puts it and stealing their life force to increase his powers.
  • They also learn about the existence on Earth of Prince Phobos's sister, the true heir to the throne.
  • The girls find out why Cedric stole the birth records in Happy Birthday Will, which seems to put paid to their suspicions that he is looking for one of them.
  • The girls visit Cedric's bookstore for the first time.
  • Elyon exhibits a crush on Cedric and starts to become friends with him.
  • Cornelia is visibly distraught when Caleb is attacked by Sniffer, showing her growing affection for him.
  • Despite not having a specific elemental ability until season 2, Will is not left without offensive powers in season 1 (as is commonly assumed). In this episode, she demonstrates superstrength by cracking a stone foundation. Similar demonstrations occur in The Battle of The Meridian Plains.

Behind the scenes


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