The Mogriffs is the 18th episode of W.I.T.C.H. It first aired May 23, 2005.


Phobos sends a group of Mogriffs, shape-shifting monsters, into Meridian to pose as and discredit the Guardians so Elyon will lose what little trust she has left in her friends. While the real Guardians do battle with the evil twins, Cornelia and Caleb try to persuade Elyon that Phobos is not as good as she believes, but she will not listen.

Caleb, however, does something to shake Elyon's faith in her new brother: he bows to her. Unnerved by this, Elyon is starting to suspect that Phobos is not telling her everything. Caleb takes the Book of Secrets and there are the plans for Elyon. In the B-story, Cornelia finds out that Elyon, who's talking with her is the real Elyon.


  • This episodes marks the first appearances of Caleb's bird and Miranda.
  • When we first see the Book of Secrets it is shown to have a lock on its side, but later Hay Lin says that there is no lock.
  • In the earlier episode, "Ghosts of Elyon", Cornelia's portrait in Elyon's sketch-book was torn apart. In this episode, the picture is back in one piece.
  • In "It Resumes", Phobos senses the presence of the Heart of Kandrakar as soon Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin sneak into the castle. But in "The Mogriffs", he doesn't, and only when he sees the other Guardians not transforming does he understand that Cornelia has the Heart.
  • This episode was originally titled Appearances Are Deceiving.
  • This episode was originally scripted as the 18th of season 1, but was pushed forward to the 17th slot for broadcasting purposes in the US. However, it remains episode 18 on all of the European DVD releases.


  • Cornelia: "She must be under some kind of spell."
  • Irma: "Oh come on! How do we know that? Elyon was born in Meridian. She's Phobos' sister. What if you've been going to school with the Queen of Evil since kindergarten?"


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