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W.I.T.C.H. season 1 episode 18 "The Mogriffs" transcript
Character Dialogue
Irma Lair Hey, where you going?
Cornelia Hale Pet store. I'm getting Caleb's bird thing some seed.
Irma Lair Caleb has a bird?
Taranee Cook He traded Blunk a flashlight for it.
Cornelia Hale It's not exactly a bird. It's more like a tape recorder with wings.
Hay Lin When a girl gets seed for her boy's bird, I call it love.
Irma Lair It takes all of you to go buy pet food?
Will Vandom Matt's grandfather owns the pet store. And, you know, sometimes Matt stops by.
[girls] Ohh...
Irma Lair Matt, that explains it.
[birds chirping]
Taranee Cook Ew...
Irma Lair Taranee, tarantula, you could be related.
Will Vandom So is Matt around?
Hay Lin Mr. Olsen?
Elyon I wanted you all to see what I've been learning.
[dogs growl]
Elyon Goodbye, friends.
[animals chatter]
Herbert Olsen Holy mackerel, what happened? Why are they all out of their cages? Can I get a hand here, girls?
Irma Lair You know, a hamster's just a rat with mumps.
Elyon I did what you suggested, Phobos. I hope I wasn't too hard on them.
Prince Phobos You did them a kindness. Your friends are already too involved with the rebels for their own good.
Elyon [sobs]
Lord Cedric [growls]
[seagulls squawking]
Caleb Show him the crackers. Not yet. Over the wall, then crackers. Now, go observe. Repeat.
Captoryx I'm hungry. When are we off? No breaks today. Phobos's orders.
Aldarn Perimeter guards, they don't know anything. Try again.
Caleb Observe. We've got to find Phobos's plan for Elyon. If I can just get a timetable, a location, anything.
Blunk Blunk here. Brought crackers for birdie.
Caleb It's empty!
Blunk Blunk get hungry too.
Prince Phobos Elyon's mind is ours. Once she obtains her full power, I will absorb every last bit of it. Return The Book Of Secrets to my library. Every plan within it will soon come true. And Elyon's fate will be the final chapter.
Lord Cedric Yes, my prince.
Herbert Olsen [humming]
Hay Lin Boy, when a friend of yours goes bad, she really goes bad.
Cornelia Hale She must be under some kind of spell.
Irma Lair Come on, how do we know that? Elyon was born in Meridian. She's Phobos's sister. What if you've been going to school with the Queen of Evil since kindergarten?
Blunk Scary noises.
Caleb It's probably your stomach.
Whisperers Strangers, strangers.
Caleb The Whisperers! They know we're here!
Whisperers Strangers, strangers, strangers. In the garden, in the garden.
Prince Phobos Guards, to the garden!
Castle Guard [growling]
[all] Whoa!
Blunk What about birdie?
Caleb It'll return to the village. I'll get supplies. If the Captoryx says anything about Phobos's plans for Elyon, I need to hear it.
Lord Cedric No sign of the trespassers. But I found this.
Captoryx Over the wall, then crackers.
Prince Phobos You know what to do with it. Only one thing in this castle will ever know all my secrets.
Elyon Cornelia would love this. Gold's her favourite... What am I thinking?
Prince Phobos Elyon! What do you have there?
Elyon Just a picture I drew a long time ago, or it seems like it was.
Prince Phobos Do you really want this reminder of one who worked with the rebels to betray you? Meet Miranda. I thought you two could get to know each other. Why don't you go and walk around your land with Miranda, see what we're fighting for.
Miranda Come on. Let's go.
Elyon Bye.
Prince Phobos My sister's distrust of her former friends must not falter. You were able to find some Mogriffs? Show me.
Mogriff [screeching]
Prince Phobos Excellent.
Cornelia Hale Will is not gonna stop me from seeing Elyon.
Will Vandom Cornelia, hurry up! We have gym.
Cornelia Hale Oh no! You know what? I forgot my gym clothes at home.
Taranee Cook Take whatever from our lockers.
Will Vandom You know the combos. Borrow anything I've got.
Cornelia Hale OK. I will. And now... spord lartsa. OK, follow these instructions. It's what I know and how to behave. And don't tell the girls anything. I think I'll hold onto this, just in case. Look, I know I'm not Will, but you gotta stop with the sound. Now, the portal should be... Oh, there!
Astral Drop These are your friends. Don't let them see these cards. Also, don't act real weird.
Will Vandom Hey, Cornelia.
Astral Drop Will.
Irma Lair You missed gym, babe.
Astral Drop Yes, I did.
Miranda You bring your people great joy.
Elyon What are they doing here?
Mogriff Nobody saw us. Perfect. The more miserable they get, the quicker they'll abandon their prince and princess. And then the rebels can come in and overthrow little Miss Rightful Heir.
Elyon What are you talking about? What have you done?
Mogriff You'll see!
Miranda Your so-called friends just set fire to two buildings. Hey, guards! They need water, over there!
Elyon How could they?
[birds chirping]
Caleb Cornelia, great. Do you know where I can get more trash can lids? They make great shields.
Astral Drop And you are? Wait, wait, wait.
Caleb "Caleb. Real cute boy that you like, but he doesn't know, so don't say anything." Really? Wait a second, you're not Cornelia. Where is she? Cornelia's gone to Meridian to confront Elyon! This isn't her!
Astral Drop I like shopping!
Hay Lin That's her Astral Drop? I forgot. When you say that, they go away.
Yan Lin If Cornelia's in Meridian, you must go there immediately.
Will Vandom But not as the Guardians.
Taranee Cook Why not?
Will Vandom She took the heart of Candracar. Better find Blunk, we need a portal.
I'm so tired of washing kitchen uniforms.
Castle Guard You there, you're late. Get to work.
Cornelia Hale [gasping]
Where are you going with that?
Cornelia Hale Miss Elyon's room. You know how she likes whatever these are. But I've forgotten where it is.
Elyon Cornelia!
Cornelia Hale Elyon, I had to see if you're all right. You're my best friend, and I brought this to remind you of that! I would still do anything for you. Don't say anything until you let me explain what happened on Earth.
Elyon You shouldn't have come here.
Cornelia Hale Don't you remember those times we stayed up late talking about boys and the slumber parties and when you made me laugh so hard at the ice rink yogurt came out of my nose? And then...
Elyon Meaningless now. Especially after what you did to the village. You won't get away with any of this!
Cornelia Hale Get away with what? What village? You mustn't listen to... Elyon, no!
Elyon Enjoy your new home. You're going to be here forever! Sentry! This isn't a kitchen worker. It's one of the Guardians. Take her to my brother.
Cornelia Hale Elyon, no!
Prince Phobos The Guardians approach, but in their earthly form. Interesting. My sister would not want to see the demise of her erstwhile friends.
Cornelia Hale No, Elyon!
Prince Phobos This should be good sport.
Taranee Cook What are those?
Irma Lair That looks like me.
Hay Lin Those look like us.
Will Vandom What are those?
Prince Phobos Still they don't transform. Something's wrong. They don't have the heart of Candracar. The other one, she has it!
Mogriff [roars]
Will Vandom They can fly, but they don't seem to have any other powers.
Irma Lair But without the heart neither do we!
Cornelia Hale Will? Are you here?
Mogriff [growling]
Mogriff [grunting]
Will Vandom We're OK! Find Cornelia!
Blunk Tunnel! Trick is timing!
Caleb [grunts]
Blunk Caleb smell like Blunk.
Caleb Fantastic. Come on.
[both gasp]
Caleb Blunk, light. Bigger light.
[crashing] [metal clinking]
Blunk Girl here. Two girl.
[both gasping]
Prince Phobos She has the heart of Candracar! It was almost in my hands. Find her!
Cornelia Hale Elyon, please wake up! Are you OK?
Blunk Pretty gold square!
Caleb It's a book. Any information from the castle is valuable. Princess Elyon, the rebels are all behind you.
Blunk Real this time? No ghost?
Cornelia Hale Elyon, you have to follow me!
Castle Guard In here!
Caleb We have to go.
Cornelia Hale [groaning]
Mogriff [laughing]
Blunk Back where started.
Will Vandom [screams] Guardians, unite! Earth.
Irma Lair Water!
Taranee Cook Fire!
Cornelia Hale Earth!
Hay Lin Air!
Mogriff [grunt]
Hay Lin [wind blows]
Will Vandom Let's see how you like it.
Cornelia Hale Get a face.
Mogriff [growls] [crashes]
Will Vandom Now, that's how the real Guardians do it.
Elyon What's happening? What are those creatures?
Prince Phobos They're working for your friends. It's not safe for you here.
Will Vandom He'll take her somewhere even we can't reach her. I think we've done all we can tonight.
Elyon That rebel... he bowed to me.
Prince Phobos Just more lies.
Will Vandom What you did was totally reckless and stupid. And for what?
Cornelia Hale She hasn't changed! I saw it in her eyes! I know her better than any one.
Hay Lin Cornelia says Elyon seemed like her old self. Don't you think there's a chance we can get her back?
Caleb One good thing came out of it. I found this. I can't open it.
Irma Lair Will? You OK?
Will Vandom It's the writing.
Hay Lin Just give me five minutes and... there's no lock.
Taranee Cook Maybe it's one of those fake books, like it's a piggy bank or something.
Yan Lin Could this be The Book of Secrets?
Will Vandom What's that?
Caleb Well, there's supposed to be a book, kind of a magical diary, that absorbs and stores all the secrets of whoever owns it.
Yan Lin If this is that book, and if it belongs to Phobos, every plan he has for Elyon, every evil thought... ...is locked inside.