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The Mudslugs is the fifteenth episode of season 1 of the TV series.


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The episode opened with an exterior shot of Phobos’s castle; the darkness of its exterior contrasted with the brightness of its gardens where Elyon (accompanied by Phobos) played with three rabbits.

Elyon remarked on the beauty of the garden with Phobos replying that he knew she’d love it. As Elyon was admiring a bird, an evil root manifested from the ground making to attack Elyon. Frustrated, Phobos responded with a wave of magical energy forcing the plant to retreat before she noticed. Elyon relayed that Meridian is like a fairy-tale and her brother replied that sometimes fairy tales come true. Elyon still couldn’t understand why Cornelia hid Meridian and the fact she had a brother from her, to which Phobos retorted that Cornelia didn’t seem to have her best interests at heart. As the royal siblings left the garden, a nearby fountain changed from water to brown sludge whilst some more of the garden and its inhabitants revealed their true evil nature.

At Sheffield Institute, Cornelia, Will and Alchemy were attending a science class. The teacher explained the insides of a worm to the class as Cornelia snuck in. When Cornelia queried what was happening, Uriah revealed with glee that during the afternoon it would be "D-Day". Alchemy clarified that this week was dissection week and that she did not need to do it alone that she can work with her lab partner. Sadly, Cornelia relays that her partner was Elyon and gazed at her empty chair. Surprised, Alchemy questions if Elyon was still on vacation which Cornelia confirmed and she then queried if without a partner she could skip. Uriah responded by holding multiple live worms close to her face, prompting the earth Guardian to scream in terror. The teacher reprimanded Uriah, reminding him that worm dissection does not start till period 3. Alchemy then revealed that Will’s lab partner was out sick and that the two would probably be paired together. Surprised and annoyed, Cornelia stated that she "doesn’t think so". Will reacted to this with sadness.

In the Sheffield Institute cafeteria, Hay Lin, Irma, Will and Taranee were discussing what they could do when Cornelia walked up and announced her frustration. Taranee relayed that all the Guardians felt terrible about what has happened, and Will finished that they believed they were protecting Elyon. Cornelia venomously replied that no, that is what she believed and that she is done following her orders, stating that everything was fine before Will arrived at the school. Hay Lin defended Will, saying that it was not all her fault. Undeterred even when Irma reminded her that it is the Guardians duty to protect the universe and when Hay Lin pinkie swore, they will make up as friends, Cornelia angrily states she was over it. Will conceded they should have told Elyon about her true history sooner to which Cornelia sarcastically agreed. Cornelia then angrily stated that she is going to quit, something she should have done a long time ago. Hay Lin nervously hoped she meant quit dairy, but Cornelia angrily stated she was quitting both the friendship group and the Guardians so someone else can fight monsters.

Following this, Cornelia was shown walking through Heatherfield, listening to Heatherfield’s sad, sad radio station through her headphones. Caleb spotted the former earth Guardian and when she failed to respond to his greeting, he ripped her headphones off, startling her. When Caleb was shocked by the music, Cornelia snatched back her Walkman and stormed off. Caleb called out to her, stating that Will was wrong about not telling Elyon and people can be wrong. Caleb paralleled this with how he and the rebels disagree a lot, but they always pull together for the cause. Cornelia snapped that she was rebelling against the Guardians' cause. Caleb pled that the people of Meridian need her, distraught; Cornelia sadly replied that the people have her best friend they don’t need her.

Afterwards, Caleb went to The Silver Dragon and relayed to Yan Lin and the other Guardians his encounter with Cornelia and the fact she was hiding out listening to "girls music". Hay Lin anxiously told them that Cornelia blocked her from her online friends list which Yan Lin recognised as serious. Tentatively, Will asked Yan Lin if the remaining Guardians can take on Phobos successfully to which Hay Lin, Irma and Taranee reacted with shock and pain. Defensively. Will stated that they were all thinking it. Yan Lin confirmed that this isn’t possible as divided, the Guardians powers will be diminished. Yan Lin opened a fortune cookie, saying that it says an old friend will return to them. When Hay Lin expressed scepticism and asked to see it, Yan Lin said you don’t need to see it to believe it as quote “belief comes from within.”.

In the Meridian throne room, Phobos conjured sand to view Cornelia still snubbing Will in class. When Phobos heard the door creaking open, he quickly glamoured the throne room to its pretty appearance. Elyon entered and Phobos showed Elyon an image through the viewing stone of Cornelia and Will laughing and sharing secrets. Elyon was upset, thinking that Cornelia had forgotten her despite being her lab partner since the fourth grade when they made DNA out of liquorice and pipe cleaners. Phobos asked if she was upset and then he changed the view to an image of all the Guardians which hurt Elyon more. The Princess of Meridian then revealed that the Guardians gave her a friendship locket for her birthday that contains a lock of each of their hairs. These hairs were shown intertwined within the locket. Declaring this a joke, Elyon ran away crying and dropped the necklace. Phobos smiled wickedly, returning the throne room to its natural state before telekinetically lifting the necklace. The image reflected in the sand showed Cornelia coldly ignoring Will as Cornelia hates worms which amuses Phobos. When Will reminded Cornelia that it is an earthworm, and she is the earth Guardian, Cornelia retorted that this is no longer the case. As Phobos reflected that Cornelia was fighting with Will, he lifted her hair from the locket whilst Cedric suggested sending the remaining Guardians a visitor.

The scene shifted to an unknown location in Meridian where Cedric was looking over a large hole where a giant creature moves and growls. Dangling the locket over the hole, Cedric informed the creature that food will be provided. The locket then glowed and was taken by one of the creature's tentacles.

Cornelia was shown sadly waiting at Alchemy’s door, who asked why she was upset; Cornelia asked to come in. Alchemy took her phone off the hook so they could talk and asked if Cornelia was upset about a boy; she replies that it was similar. Alchemy said that blocking out the world and listening to depressing music will uplift them and they both laid back and listened to the radio as a sad song played.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Guardians were in Irma’s bedroom where Taranee was begging Will as the leader to find a way to get Cornelia back. Will said she was open to ideas as Chris Lair stormed in, tracking mud into the room, excited to show Irma something. Irma, annoyed, told her younger brother that rule number one is that he must knock. Blunk was under Irma’s bed and gleefully licked Chris’s shoes which were covered in mud. Irma elaborated that, on second thought Chris should not touch her door or her stuff then she asked what he had in a jar. Chris stated that he found it on the way home from T-Ball practice in a huge mud puddle. Blunk popped his head out and Chris recognised as the ‘smelly clown babysitter’ from Return of The Tracker. When examining the worm he found, Chris was surprised as the worm had grown since he found it. The worm opened its mouth, grossing out the Guardians. Blunk swallowed mud dripping off the jar and identified it as Meridian mud, prompting shock from Caleb. Caleb then saw more worms coming out of the ground around Irma’s house which Caleb identifies as Meridian Mudslugs. The mudslug in the jar showed its numerous sharp teeth. The mudslugs outside approached the house so Caleb anxiously said they needed to leave ASAP!

Blunk followed a scent along a footpath when he started running, only to fall into a pile of mud near a large hole and a portal. When Taranee bent down to touch the mud, a mudslug came out, prompting disgust from the fire Guardian. Half kidding and half serious, Taranee asked if they could call an exterminator while Irma chimed in with the suggestion of a really large bird. Will wondered aloud how the mudslugs were coming towards the group as they do not have eyes. Caleb explained that they don’t need eyes and queried if Elyon had anything belonging to the Guardians when she crossed the veil into Meridian. Irma relayed that Elyon had one of her CDs but quickly quipped that she did not think the mudslugs will eat Boyzilla. Suddenly Hay Lin remembered the locket and Will realised that the mudslugs were tracking them based on the hair in the friendship locket. Whilst Irma remarked on the slugs speed, Caleb urged the girls to transform as they were being tracked based on smell and needed to send the slugs back through the portal. Worriedly, Taranee reminded them that Cornelia oversees the earth element and deferred to Will. Undeterred, Will stated that the four remaining Guardians can manage the situation; they just have to be creative. The Guardian leader donned the Heart of Kandrakar, prompting their transformation.

Due to Cornelia quitting the elemental quintet, the transformation sequence is quartered and shortened slightly. Upon transforming, Hay Lin waved her arm to unleash waves of air against the approaching mudslugs. To her shock, the slugs contracted slightly to stand against the wind and did not move. The Guardians took flight and Taranee unleashed a ball of fire that burned the surrounding ground. When the fire cleared, the mudslugs had retreated into the ground, unharmed. Perturbed, the fire Guardian approached one of the holes, intending to torch them underground. However, Yan Lin’s prediction came true; without Cornelia, the remaining Guardians cannot access their full powers. Without warning, the mudslugs used their tentacles to entrap then surround Taranee. Caleb responded to her cry for help and was surrounded, leaving only his hand and both of Taranee’s visible. Will, Irma and Hay Lin swooped in and grabbed their hands, attempting to pull them free. As they ascended the mudslugs come with them in an ever-growing tower like structure. Irma, straining under the pressure of pulling her friends free, told Will that there are thousands of slugs and how are they going to defeat them, but she was cut off mid-sentence as the slugs let go and retreated leaving them flying. As they looked down, the slugs were retreating into their holes but as Will noted they were not heading to the portal. Caleb then announced that the slugs are only babies sent out to hunt for food and once it is found their mother follows; a mother who (by reputation) is undefeated. As the Guardians returned to human form, a terrified Irma and Taranee asked what the mother eats; the former suggesting fresh fruit. An embarrassed Caleb replied that she is more of a people eater. Angrily determined, Hay Lin demanded that Will call Cornelia, handing her a cell phone to which Will begrudgingly complied.

Meanwhile, Blunk found a sticky substance next to an enormous hole, implying the mother of the mudslugs is near…

The Guardians were patrolling Heatherfield, looking for Cornelia as Will hung up the phone. Will revealed that Elizabeth Hale has not seen Cornelia. Hay Lin worriedly speculated that the mudslugs may have already found the former earth Guardian. Running and out of breath, Irma arrived and relayed that she could not find Cornelia at the mall or the juice bar. As the surrounding earth began to tremble, Caleb voiceed his belief that though the mudslugs may not have found Cornelia, they may have found the mama. As the rumbling of the terrain increased, the power to nearby lampposts cut out and they tumbled. A giant fissure was created in the road by the approaching mother, surprising the shocked teenagers who ran away at top speed.

The show then cuts to Alchemy’s house where Cornelia was forlornly looking out the window and Alchemy was petting her cat whilst both listened to music. Unknown to both, mudslugs were congregating outside.

In the meantime, the other girls and Caleb escaped to a playground, panting from the effort of running. Out of nowhere, Blunk ran towards them, intent on telling them about his earlier discovery. Without warning, some tentacles appeared out of the ground and pulled him down into a hole as Caleb desperately ran towards, him barely pulling him out in time. Taranee and Irma quickly realised that wherever they go, the mudslugs will follow them underground. Worriedly, Hay Lin states that the Guardians need to be at full strength when mama mudslug finds them. Caleb mused that Cornelia might be at the music store when Will replied that it was closed. Caleb clarified that when he saw her last, she was listening to music. In a moment of realisation, Taranee remembered that Cornelia listens to the K-Drip radio station. Irma excitedly concurred as Cornelia loves ‘boo-hoo ballads’ which she proceeded to imitate. Taranee subsequently grabbed Irma, demanding to know where the transmitter is. Will hurriedly chimed in that it is on K street and rallied them all to go as the mudslugs retreated underground to follow them.

The following sequence showed the Guardians running on the street as several feet bellow them the mudslugs tunnelled to keep up with them. Arriving at the radio station, Caleb could not get into it as the door was locked. Hay Lin said they needed to contact the DJ, but Will revealed K-Drip was pre-recorded from 6-10pm, detailing the upcoming songs. When Irma was surprised that Will likes the music the station plays, she sheepishly replied that sad music gels well with being grounded. Caleb suggested breaking into the building to patch into the signal. Irma indignantly replies: “with that our shoelaces and some gum,” before pointing out that the station has no windows and only Cornelia’s powers can move bricks. Will desperately tried to think of a way to contact their friend as she was one of their group without them, they are just W.I.T.H. (Irma covered the C in W.I.T.C.H. written on Will’s backpack whilst commenting on this). Irma touching Will’s backpack causes it to shake violently leading Irma to ask if Will set her backpack on vibrate. Will pulled out the Heart of Kandrakar which lit up in her hand, prompting a microphone to cut in. Hay Lin realised that Will was on the air, prompting the Guardian leader to apologise for interrupting the broadcast. Will then proceeded to apologise to Cornelia via dedication for fighting with her and not fighting for her to stay but that they all need her now. Irma snatched the mystic jewel and begged the wayward Guardian to meet them where she told them she learned to ride her bike and prepare to be on guard (an allusion to the Guardians). Cornelia jumped at the dedication and upon seeing the mudslugs attacking the window, drew the curtains, thanked Alchemy and left.

Presumably at the place where Cornelia learned to ride her bike, the girls, Blunk and Caleb were waiting for Cornelia looking down into an enormous hole in the ground. With trepidation in her voice, Irma hoped that the mother mudslug entered the hole sideways, therefore accounting for the enormous size. Taranee voiced her increasing fear and hugged Caleb for comfort, causing him to blush. When Hay Lin asked how long the mother mudslug is, Caleb admits he has never seen one completely out of its hole. As he said this, Blunk glanced over his shoulder as fear struck the passling pointing with a terrified expression on his face. The other members of the group followed his gaze and screamed in surprise as a terrified Blunk identified the focus on their vision as big momma. The enormous slug-like creature rose, silhouetted behind an abandoned billboard as they all fled. Before Taranee could escape, a large tentacle appeared, grabbing her leg. Seeing her distress, the others ran towards the creature as Taranee desperately threw small fireballs into the giant creature's mouth to stop it placing her into its mouth. Right before Taranee was eaten, Caleb (now standing on top of the billboard) held a baby mudslug in his hand and taunted its mother. Angered, the creature turned on Caleb, tossing Taranee to one side. Hay Lin projected a stream of air to save her friend but given her weakened powers, this merely made Taranee land on her. Hay Lin was sore but uninjured, throwing a peace symbol as Taranee sat dazed atop her. Meanwhile, Caleb successfully dodged two tentacles before the mother mudslug caught and then threw him through a nearby cabin's roof onto her babies. Dazed by the fall, Caleb stumbled outside only to be caught by Hay Lin and Taranee as the four Guardians gathered in a final stand. As the giant mudslug bore down on them, Will noted their lack of power as Irma shot a weak stream of water in its direction. The camera cut to Cornelia furiously peddling her bike as the heart glowed right as she slid past her friends. Will and the others were delighted that she came with the former expressing surprise. Cornelia replied that she is a sucker for radio dedications and that she could not let her girlies down, prompting further joy from the other Guardians. Cornelia removed her helmet and winked at Will prompting them to transform.

Upon transforming, Cornelia asked what the score was as they flew above the beast; Irma says they were down one. Will wished they could move the portal to get rid of the beast, but Cornelia quickly replied that they can do the next best thing and asks her friends to distract "him". When Hay Lin corrected that the monster is a she, Cornelia’s response of whatever expressed her disinterest. With speed and grace, Cornelia flew to the ground, landing dramatically. The earth Guardian placed her hands onto the ground yelling out her element causing a yellow glow that cracks the earth around the mother mudslugs in a circle. Taranee, mad at how she was treated by the smaller mudslugs, unleased a stream of fire into a ball at the mother. Undeterred, the giant slug swiped the blaze aside with her tentacles. Shocked, the fire Guardian performed aerial stunts to evade the ensuing tentacles before she was slammed into the ground by a hit to the chest and subsequently hit a fence. Whilst Irma and Hay Lin reassured her with their hands on her clavicle, she readjusted her glasses, marvelling at the beast.

Cornelia used extreme concentration that made the ground around the slug move and several small stones in the surrounding area rise too. Caleb waved his arms and whistled to distract big Momma whilst Irma and Hay Lin destroyed the billboard by combining their powers into a ball via a dance like motion. The billboard hit the slug, stunning it momentarily. Hay Lin broke the fourth wall talking directly to the camera, saying guilty that she read it was going to be knocked down anyway. With sweat and significant strain, Cornelia managed to lift the block of earth the Mamma was standing on before also slowly rising herself with aid of her wings. Cornelia raised herself and the platform high, inline with the moon, as the others looked on in shock and amazement. Twisting her arm and hand, Cornelia spun the platform so the slug was facing the portal and using her whole body and extreme effort swung it towards to portal. The earth surrounding the slug shattered as it headed towards the ground and through the portal. Cornelia landed heavily back on the ground but the strain on her stamina was too much and she collapsed, only for Caleb to take her into his arms. Will also placed a reassuring hand on her friend's shoulder as Taranee grabbed her hand and the others surrounded her gratefully.

Will then closed the portal and changed the Guardians back to their human forms. Caleb subsequently called out for Blunk, only for him to appear out of the mudslug's hole and sucked the mud off his fingers, only to sadly realise there isn’t any dessert.

The next day at the Sheffield Institute, Will sought clarification from Cornelia as to whether her remark about letting her girlies down extended to her. Cornelia reassured with a pinkie swear she even meant her. The shot of their pinkie swear is displayed against Cornelia’s locker, showing a picture of her with Will and a picture of her with Elyon. Interrupting their tender, moment Uriah gleefully declared that they will be dissecting frogs today. Will reassured Cornelia that she will dissect her frog whilst Cornelia pretends to be sick. Cornelia laughingly clarified she won’t be pretending as the two friends walked away laughing with their arms around each other.

Credits roll.

Possible mistakes

  • Will was briefly shown in class wearing her Guardian uniform.

Behind the scenes


  • Alchemy and Cornelia's friendship was highly acknowledged in this episode.
  • It is shown that Will has "W.I.T.C.H." sewn onto her backpack, but the acronym wasn't seen on her backpack in previous episodes, so this is probably a recent addition.
  • The radio station KDRIP went bankrupt by L is for Loser and donated its equipment to Sheffield Institute, where it is used for the new school radio station KSHIP. Whether Will's takeover of KDRIP in this episode contributed to its bankruptcy is unknown.
  • This episode shows that when a Guardian quits the group, the powers of the remaining members are weakened. This is not reflected in the comics as when Taranee briefly quit in Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds, no mention was made of the other members powers diminishing. This could be due to the fact that Taranee was replaced with Orube while Cornelia was not.