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The Pristine Rose (Danish Den Oprindelige Rose) is a novel set in the W.I.T.C.H. universe. It was written by Lene Møller Jørgensen and, to date, does not have an English translation.


At a jumble sale, Cornelia feels attracted to an old painting. The painting is about a dark and gloomy street in an unknown place and has a weak smell of roses. Cornelia bought the painting and its peculiar attraction convinces her to gather the rest of the girls.

The Oracle tells them that the painting comes from Fanu, the flower city, where evil powers have taken control. Ancient friends have become foes and the white rose, that gives life to the city, will soon wither.

Can W.I.T.C.H. lift the curse and save the city before it is too late?

Excerpt from the book

Cornelia froze as the hoarse breathing came closer. In the last second she was able to crawl in to the shadow of a big flower pot, with half rotten stalks that swallowed down toward the ground. She sat behind the stinky and slimy curtains and curiously looked out. Three dark figures came towards her. They hovered forward like moths without touching the ground. They were as big as fully grown men, but peculiarly shapeless and wrapped in coats.