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The Rebel Rescue is the twenty-fourth episode of season 1 of the TV series.


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Caleb is making plans for the escape of the rebels captured by Phobos in the abortive battle of the Meridian Plains. With Blunk's help, he tries to map the tunnel system to the castle's dungeon, but the reconnaissance mission goes wrong and Blunk is left behind on Meridian.

Looking for the Passling, Caleb and the Guardians find and save a Castle Guard wounded in battle and left for dead by Cedric. When the Guard, Tynar, sees Earth and the girls’ concern for his recovery, he switches loyalties and promises to guide them through the complex subterranean passageways into the dungeons where the rebels from the uprising are being held.

The daring raid frees the rebels, and Tynar begins spreading the word among Phobos's guards that the other side of the Veil is not as they've been told. Back in Heatherfield, Will impulsively kisses Matt, who has offered her a pet dormouse named Mr. Huggles earlier in the episode.

In the B-story, Will is forced by her mother to give Mr. Huggles to Irma.

Comics connections

  • The name "Mr. Huggles" is exclusive to the TV series, as the dormouse is unnamed in the comics.
  • In the comics, Will's dormouse is introduced quite early into the first arc. Although the showrunners tried to have this take place earlier in the series, the network did not approve it for some time. This may have been due to its similarity to the naked mole rat Rufus in Kim Possible, another Disney series.[1]


  • This episode marks the first appearances of Mr. Huggles and Tynar.
  • With her "First Aid training in case of cheerleading accidents", Cornelia is implied to have been a former cheerleader or drill team dance member.
  • Ironically, Tynar thought Will's laundry room was a dungeon. Interestingly, in The Mogriffs one Meridian woman mentioned to another that she was "so tired of washing kitchen uniforms" as they were seen doing so, meaning that it was likely the word "laundry" itself that confused Tynar and not the concept of having dedicated resources (such as a room) for the task.

Behind the scenes