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W.I.T.C.H. season 1 episode 24 "The Rebel Rescue" transcript
Character Dialogue
I saw it first!
Aldarn Don't! Save your strength for fighting our enemies. My men must have food!
Please, please! Just a little bit!
Castle Guard Fool! If they're too weak to talk Prince Phobos will have our heads!
More, more, give me some more...
[insect buzzes]
Caleb [grunts]
Blunk [yelling] Blunk not like water!
Caleb Is that why you haven't showered in ten years? I need you Blunk. You're an important part of this plan.
Blunk Why not bring girls?
Caleb Rule number one, when it's extremely risky, don't endanger more people than you have to.
Blunk Extreme risky?
Caleb See that metal gate? I'll raise it while you keep him busy.
Blunk Keep busy who?
Caleb Him! Good luck, you can do it!
Blunk This not plan! This menu!
Will Vandom How'd you do on the science test?
Cornelia Hale Like I can think about the universe expanding or shrinking, or whatever, when Caleb might be in trouble.
Will Vandom Cornelia, he's not in trouble, it's just a recon mission, he's done this lots of times. It's Matt! How do I look?
Cornelia Hale Boystruck.
Will Vandom I don't want to look boystruck! I wanna look casual!
Cornelia Hale Oh well, good luck with that.
Matt Olsen Hey, Will. Long time no see.
Will Vandom Oh, hi Matt.
Matt Olsen I got you something. I hope you don't mind. It sort of reminded me of you.
Mr. Huggles [chirping]
Will Vandom Oh! It's so cute! Wait! Are you saying I'm cute, or that I have a facial hair issue?
Matt Olsen I have something else for you, too. Close your eyes, OK?
Will Vandom [grunting] Rodent Chow. Thanks.
Blunk Save Blunk!
Caleb This way! Hurry up, this thing's heavy!
Blunk [muttering]
Caleb Relax, will you? The hard part's over. Let's try this one.
Susan Vandom Taranee, I'm really sorry. I know I told Will you were tutoring her today...
Will Vandom Mom! Guess what Matt... Ooh... math tutorial, four o'clock... I'm such a total cheese brain!
Taranee Cook Can't argue with that one. Sorry, Will. I've got my own homework. Oh, he's so adorable! Muscardinus avellanarius, right?
Will Vandom Yeah. His name is Mr Huggles.
Susan Vandom Don't you think you have enough distractions as it is?
Will Vandom Mom, I can handle it. Look, I promise!
Caleb Well, at least it isn't a dead-end like the last one. When in doubt keep to the right... Blunk? Were you making shadow puppets with my flashlight again?
Blunk Blunk learn excellent birdie.
Caleb OK, just stick close behind...
Prince Phobos Intruders have been detected in the tunnels.
Miranda I'll attend to them at once.
Elyon Miranda? Oh, I thought I heard her...
Prince Phobos I haven't seen her. Elyon, perhaps you should rest. Your coronation is only two days away.
Elyon That's why I was looking for her. Somebody's got to teach me these weird Meridian dances.
Will Vandom Thanks for helping out, Irma. If I gave him back, it would hurt Matt's feelings.
Irma Lair He'll be a lot more fun to baby-sit than my little brother... ...cleaner, too.
Will Vandom It shouldn't take more than a couple days to whine my mom into submission.
Cornelia Hale Shouldn't Caleb be back by now?
Hay Lin Caleb, Matt... Can you two talk about anything besides your boyfriends?
Will Vandom Matt's text-messaging me! "Need to C U"
Blunk Getting closer.
Blunk Oh, no! Back where started!
Caleb And that's our only way out.
Blunk Bad idea, bad bad bad idea...
Caleb Only idea. If it can hurl rocks, it can hurl us.
Miranda [shrieking]
Lord Cedric Save the little one for Miranda. She's partial to Passling meat! [roars]
Caleb Go!
Blunk Caleb first... Blunk smaller target!
Castle Guard [grunting]
Caleb Blunk!
Matt Olsen My grandfather says these vitamins make their coats really shiny.
Will Vandom Nothing like a shiny coat...
Caleb Will!
Will Vandom Oh! Hi, Caleb. You know Matt.
Caleb I need your help right away!
Will Vandom Matt, I'm sorry. I gotta go.
Matt Olsen Oh! OK. See you around?
Will Vandom Guardians unite! Earth!
Irma Lair Water!
Taranee Cook Fire!
Cornelia Hale Earth!
Hay Lin Air!
Caleb Blunk! Blunk!
Hay Lin Caleb, he's probably been captured.
Caleb Dumb Passling... Made me go through the portal first! Blunk? What happened to my friend?
Blunk Caleb call Blunk, "friend"! Caleb like Blunk!
Caleb "Like" is such a strong word...
Irma Lair I thought he couldn't stand Blunk.
Cornelia Hale Must be a guy thing.
Caleb Morpions!
Taranee Cook Woo-hoo! Y'all get ready for a down-home crawdad roast! [crying] Help!
Lord Cedric The Guardians... Fate has afforded us a second chance.
Will Vandom Taranee? Taranee! What's wrong with her?
Caleb Morpion bite. She'll be fine, but she's gonna sleep for 24 hours.
Will Vandom Twenty-four hours? We need her to rescue the rebels!
Tynar Help me...
Caleb Oh yeah, that's gonna happen.
Cornelia Hale Caleb, he's injured!
Caleb He's a Castle Guard. Who do you think we're fighting?
Tynar Please, take me with you! Phobos' "cure" for wounded soldiers is worse than the wound itself!
Caleb We've got problems of our own.
Hay Lin And they're headed this way!
Caleb My father's still inside that dungeon. I'm going back in.
Blunk With best friend, Blunk!
Will Vandom Mom said "No pets." She didn't say anything about seven-foot tall humanoids from the Metaworld.
Irma Lair How badly injured is he?
Cornelia Hale I have First Aid training in case of cheerleading accidents!
Irma Lair OK Corny, he was hit by a spike, not a pom-pom.
Hay Lin Well Taranee's zonked out in your room.
Will Vandom OK, let's stick this guy in the laundry!
Tynar Laundry? Is that your dungeon?
Cornelia Hale Not unless we make you iron.
Taranee Cook What happened? Oh, yeah...
Hay Lin You're OK. But man, you hit that water hard... wham!
Taranee Cook Did my parents call?
Will Vandom Only five times.
Taranee Cook What did you tell them?
Will Vandom "It's OK, Mrs. Cook, morpion venom is only temporary." Kidding! I said you were sleeping over. Boy, were you sleeping over!
[birds squawking]
Caleb They searched all night... but it looks like they're gone.
Caleb Who's that?
Blunk Jeek!
Caleb One of your relatives?
Blunk Jeek greedy Passling!
Caleb Is there any other kind?
Susan Vandom Will?
Will Vandom Mom? Just a sec!
Taranee Cook Sorry!
Susan Vandom You locked the laundry room door?
Will Vandom I wanted to practice locking it in case we ever get a dog, and he tries to come in with muddy feet while I'm doing laundry And hey, it worked...
Susan Vandom A dog? Apparently, you didn't get rid of the dormouse.
Will Vandom Mom, I swear, Mr Huggles is at Irma's house!
Taranee Cook It's true, Ms Vandom.
Susan Vandom OK... but that tiny animal didn't eat ten pounds of rodent chow.
Tynar [burps]
Taranee Cook I ate it!
Will Vandom I told you to buy potato chips. Tynar! This wasn't people food!
Tynar I don't understand your world. But I see that it's not as it's been described to us. I want to join your cause. I'll show you how to get inside the castle.
Caleb Jeek's gone now, we can climb back down. Maybe we could try the moat again?
Blunk Blunk go anywhere for Caleb!
Caleb Cut it out, will you? You were less creepy when you were devious. Don't pick that, Blunk! It's a Carnilokk tree!
Blunk Up! Up!
Caleb Where do you think I'm going?
Blunk Caleb!
Cornelia Hale Keep you filthy roots off him! Earth! You picked the wrong guardian, barkboy!
Blunk Thank you, thank you! Although... Caleb still Blunk favourite!
Caleb What's he doing here?
Will Vandom He offered to lead us through the underground mazes to the dungeons.
Caleb Oh, I bet he has.
Tynar You must believe me. You have no idea of the misery to which even Phobos' workers are subjected.
Hay Lin Wow, you're heavy! What have you been eating?
Taranee Cook Rat food.
Tynar How long can the other Guardians maintain the distraction?
Caleb Nothing personal, but how about we don't tell you the whole plan, OK? As far as I'm concerned, there's every chance that you're a spy!
Tynar This one. We're under the dungeon.
Taranee Cook What's that sound?
Tynar That's the sign that it's safe to go up.
Castle Guard [snoring]
[rebels] Caleb.
Caleb Father!
Castle Guard [grunts] What are you doing? Get off of me. Get off of me!
Tynar It's Tynar. I've been to the other side. They fed me; they treated my wounds. Everything we've been told about Earth is a lie! You must tell the others!
Caleb After we're gone.
[horn sounding]
Will Vandom [screams]
Prince Phobos Your friends are becoming something of a nuisance!
Prince Phobos Wait. Why are there only four of them? Search the dungeons!
Castle Guard [growling]
Blunk No way down!
Taranee Cook I can't fly them all down in time!
Elyon Why do you have to spoil my happiness? Why can't you leave me alone?
Cornelia Hale Elyon, you have to let us go!
Elyon No! I want to find out what you're up to!
Will Vandom We have to get loose!
Irma Lair I so hate to do this to ya, babe... Water!
Taranee Cook We have to jump!
Blunk Think Blunk stay here. Maybe Phobos need mascot...
Taranee Cook We've got to trust Will. She'll get here! Go!
Taranee Cook Come on Will!
Will Vandom [laughs]
Jeek [groans]
[rebels] Whoa! Look.
Julian Caleb, earth's even more beautiful than you described it.
Tynar You should taste the food.
Hay Lin Maybe we should send you to the Infinite City after we give you all a good meal!
[rebels cheer]
Jeek [laughs]
[bird sings]
Matt Olsen Hi.
Will Vandom Hi!
Matt Olsen So... how's Mr Huggles?
Will Vandom Well, he's... he's kind of... I have no idea how he is. I gave him away.
Matt Olsen Oh.
Will Vandom My mom wouldn't let me keep him, so Irma watched him and got attached but I couldn't tell you 'cause, well...
Matt Olsen Cause, you like me? Wow, I can't believe I just said that.
Will Vandom And I can't believe I'm going to do this.