Nash looks on

Nashter after he leaver the Runics

The Runics are a male group of five black magic users that want to overthrow Kandrakar. Their captain is Nashter, ruling energy. Darmon rules fire, Shalin rules air, Cromo rules earth, and Ran-rah masters water however their powers pale in comparison to the Guardians being no where near as potent.

The group is first seen on the planet of Nune-Boreal, participating in the planet’s annual contest to win that year’s prize: The Narval Wand.


The Runics were first seen on Nune-Boreal, competing in the planet's annual competition to win that year's prize, the Narval Wand.


Current Members

Former Members

Nashter is the former leader of The Runics. He ran away from his position when his superiors punished him for failing the mission.

He has control over the element of quintessence, which he uses for evil purposes. His other abilities include flying, telepathy and general magic use. It is not known which planet he comes from but he mentions that he used to play a game like soccer there, the only difference being the use of magic.

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