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The Silver Dragon is a restaurant specializing in Chinese cuisine. It is also the place where the W.I.T.C.H. girls received the Heart of Kandrakar and official confirmation of their powers from Yan Lin.

The restaurant is owned and operated by Chen and Joan Lin, with help from Hay Lin and previously Yan Lin. The family live in an apartment above the restaurant.


TV series

Hay Lin had a weird phases of sneezing and the room exploding which she asked Yan Lin about. This is also the place where Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin learned they were Guardians and were given the Heart of Kandrakar.[1]

The basement is where they all meet up and hang (Blunk calls the basement Guardian HQ). The Guardians spend their time in the basement on planning their attacks and next moves. Yan Lin is always there to help the Guardians on some occasions.[citation needed] Matt gave Will a dormouse named Mr. Huggles, but her mom wouldn't let her keep him. Hay Lin then kept him in the basement of the Silver Dragon.[2] Mr. Huggles inspired the idea of creating a bridge between worlds in the Veil after running along some tubes in his cages, giving Caleb the idea.[3]

Mr. Huggles somehow got out of his cage and went on to cause havoc in the restaurant above. The mob had to be cooled as they were angry that they would phone the health inspector. Mr. Huggles moved to Taranee, to Cornelia, to Elyon, then back to Matt.[4]



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