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The Stolen Heart is the twenty-fifth episode of season 1 of the TV series.


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In Meridian, the Infinite City occupied by Phobos' guards leaves a thousand rebels with nowhere to hide while Elyon, though shaken by the sight of monstrous Lurdens working in her castle, is still blissfully unaware of what's being planned for her Coronation.

Caleb and the Guardians have to get close enough to warn her, but how can they without the Heart of Kandrakar, which has been stolen by Jeek, an evil Passling, and putting the blame on Blunk?

Things get crazy when Matt accidentally follows Caleb and the girls through a portal. Things get even crazier when Matt discovers Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin's secret!

In the B-story, Cornelia is very angry because of Irma's jokes.


  • Matt finds out the girls' secret.
  • Will and Irma both demonstrate abilities they never have shown previously.
  • Yan Lin is seen with her hair down for the first time in the series.

Behind the scenes