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The Storms of Windmor (Danish Vejrmagerens Storme) is a novel set in the W.I.T.C.H. universe. It was written by Cecilie Eken and, to date, does not have an English translation.


Hay Lin has always had a passionate interest for aliens, so when a big shiny circle shows up in the sky and suck her up in a super modern, high-tech world, her first thought is; “How cool!”

But why is the powerful Weather Maker so interested in her powers? Why can't she feel the Spirit of Kandrakar? And why won't her friends come and pick her up?

Excerpt from the book

“This doesn’t look good”, Irma said as a dazzling white light made her close her eyes. In front of them, darkness split up by a dark circular opening. A strong wind from the opening made her and the girls fall to the ground. It felt like they were in the middle of a hurricane.

It thundered and crashed in the spruce in the ladder, and Irma put her hands to protect her face against the stones, earth and branches that flew around her.

Hay Lin!” she screamed as loud as she could. “Do something!”