Judge Theresa Cook is the wife of Lionel Cook, and the mother of Peter and Taranee Cook.

Lionel and Theresa Cook


Judge Theresa Cook; sometimes "Terry" by Lionel; her husband, is the mother of Peter and Taranee Cook and wife of Lionel Cook. Theresa is very strict and protective over Taranee which causes the pair to clash and argue, resulting once in the comics her slapping Taranee but in the TV Series she argued with her K is for Knowledge and P is for Protectors whilst their arguments are more serious in the comics. 

In the comics her personality is judgmental hence her job; but she immediately judged Nigel Ashcroft in the comics and the TV Series making her un-popular with Taranee. When she found out Peter was leaving in the comics she was upset because Peter hadn't told her but she had over heard the conversation between Taranee and Peter, though she spoke with Peter and the air was cleared. Though in the T.V. Series the relationship between all the family isn't shown due to the T.V. Show having to get straight to the point. 

When Taranee rebelled in K is for Knowledge she said to Taranee, "We'll talk about trust, in the morning but you're grounded. That doesn't even begin to cover it" and in L is for Loser she caught Taranee talking to Nigel and confiscated her cell phone. She sees this as being protective though Taranee finds it annoying and upsetting. 

Theresa can come across over protective and judgmental but ultimately she's a caring mother who only wants the best for her family.



In the comics Theresa's hair is blue and it also in the TV series, she has brown eyes and is tall and slim. 

In Comics

In TV Show


  • When Taranee was younger, Theresa would sing a lullaby, Au clair de la lune (By the Light of the Moon), at night until Taranee fell asleep.[1]
  • She is voiced by Mia Korf in the animated series.
  • In issue 78 in the comics, she revealed to Taranee that she was adopted.


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