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Thomas Vandom in the comics, or Tony Vandom in the TV series, is Will's father. In the comics, he is an antagonist in Issue 026: Blackmail.



Not much is known about Thomas' early life except that he left the family and divorced by his wife, Susan Vandom.

Thomas left Will when she was three years old. He focused on his job and made risky investments, to the point where he sold Susan Vandom's parent's house without telling her. Susan worked to pay off his debts, in an effort to save her family.[1]

In Fadden Hills, Will and Susan were hounded by phone calls from him, which were a factor in their decision to more to Heatherfield.[2]

When W.I.T.C.H. attempted to enter Kandrakar, Will had a dream where her mom broke up with Dean Collins and her father returned to the family.[3]

He came to Heatherfield to reunite with his family. He initially showed friendliness and begged forgiveness for leaving the family, he also spent time with his daughter and reminisced about the past before Thomas left the family.[4]

Later, he revealed his true colors as he hired a private detective, Harvey Slimerick, to spy on his ex-wife. The detective managed to take incriminating photos with Susan and Dean, which allowed him to start a custody case over Will, which was presided over by Judge Theresa Cook. He blackmailed his wife to give him money to pay off his debt, or she will lose the custody case, with the detective's pictures hampering Susan's chances of winning the custody case. The confrontation was unwillingly witnessed by Will, who transported to her room.[1]

Kadma revealed to Will and Taranee that Thomas had previously lost the family's money in risky investments.[1]

Although the chances of Thomas winning the custody case is higher, he withdrew the case as Kadma offered him more money than he needed to promise to leave the Vandom family alone. He kept his promise and never seen again in the rest of the comic series.[1]

TV Series

Tony Vandom, is divorced from Susan Vandom, and later became engaged to Sarina Sanchez.[5]

Tony is rather wealthy, owns a large apartment and has accesses to the building's swimming pool as well as a convertible.[6] It is unknown what caused Tony and Susan to divorce in the TV series, though judging by their fighting, it is implied it came from Thomas's less responsible side.

However, he is shown to have a far better relationship with his daughter Will than in the comics and actually cares for her. He offered to let Will and her friends skip washing cars for a ride in his convertible.[6]



TV series



TV series