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The Tooth of Tonga is a magical artifact in the TV series.


The Tooth of Tonga is a large tooth that belonged to a creature known as Tonga long ago, this allowed him to travel through the universe by creating folds. The Tooth is used to open folds, like the Heart of Kandrakar, but is closer in abilities to the Mage Ring.

The Tooth of Tonga made its début in Season 2, "B is for Betrayal". The Oracle gave the Tooth to Blunk as a gift because he sees Blunk is always willingly save his friends, even Guardians. Blunk was overwhelmed at this gift, and sneezed into the Oracle's cloak.

It is revealed in "R is for Relentless", that Nerissa (disguised as the Mage) performed a spell on the Tooth in "K is for Knowledge", that she can track Blunk's movement between worlds when opening folds and use this to locate him. The Guardians get around this by creating a fold within a fold so they cannot be tracked. The spell is presumably broken when Nerissa is absorbed into the Seal as Phobos does not appear to be able to track the Tooth.

In "X is for Xanadu", when Blunk is captured, Phobos takes the Tooth away from him in part of his plan to create a giant fold using the Great Ring.

Blunk managed to get the Tooth back in "Z is for Zenith".