"Where's Trill? What have you done to her?" Elyon to Nerissa

"There never was a Trill!" Nerissa reveals in J is for Jewel [1]

Trill is a character in the W.i.t.c.h. TV series, initially a friendly kitchen maid at the Meridian Castle[2] and later reveals herself to be Nerissa in disguise.[1]


Trill has thick, wavy, dark auburn hair tied back in a bonnet. She has a sweet face. Trill wears a white apron over her yellow dress. She has a round frame. This is unmasked to be glamor as Nerissa tells them.


Trill was first introduced in the sixth episode of the first season of the TV series, The Labyrinth when Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin accidentally travel to Meridian through an inversion point in Cedric's Bookshop, through a Labyrinth of books to the Meridian Castle kitchens. She notices the girls and leads them outside, to where she, and other Meridianites are celebrating. Trill gives them food and water and tells the girls of the Meridianite's struggles and that Prince Phobos may have a sister living on Earth. Trill flees with the other Meridianites when the Tracker arrives.[2]

Trill & Guardians

Trill talking to the Guardians

Trill is introduced by to Elyon by Caleb at the Elyon's coronation, where she gives Elyon a Jewel Trill claims belonged to Queen Weira.[3]

Trill is later seen serving Elyon and her Earth parents, Alborn and Miriadel, when she notices the Jewel she gave Elyon flash, signalling that all of Elyon's power has been absorbed into it. When Elyon wants to know more about her birth parents, Trill takes her into the Ancient Meditation Chamber where Trill feeds her fake and cruel memories of her birth parents in order to manipulate and keep her busy while Phobos and his forces are freed and attempt to recapture the castle. After leaving the Ancient Meditation Chamber, Elyon is upset about the false images of her birth parents and angrily throws the Jewel back to Trill, who then transforms into her true form as Nerissa and reveals her deception and captures Elyon inside the same Jewel.[1]

Trill & Elyon - Ancient Meditation Chamber

Trill and Elyon inside the Ancient Meditation Chamber

When Caleb does not believe that Trill would not act this way and that Nerissa was posing as Trill, Alborn tells him: "It seems there never was a Trill. People who have known her for years cannot recall her history, her family, or even where she lives".[4]



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