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Tynar is a supporting character in the TV series.


Tynar was a castle guard for Phobos. When Cedric, Tynar and the other guards tried to capture Caleb and Blunk, he was severely wounded, and left behind to rot. The Guardians decided to take him to Earth to cure him. Seeing their compassion, he decided to join the rebels and spread the knowledge that what Phobos had told them were lies. He guided Caleb and the girls to the prison cell where Aldarn, Vathek, Julian and other rebels were being held. Tynar keept true to his word and spread the truth around.[1] He even convinced some guards to join the rebels who helped the Guardians and the rebel army defeat Phobos and save Elyon.[2]

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In Season 2, he became a part-time sentry to Phobos and was attacked by Nerissa. He also leads the work crew to rebuild the village next to the castle, but was attacked and captured by the Knights of Vengeance to Drake's dismay. Later, the Guardians were able to free him.[citation needed] After Phobos defeated Nerissa and sized her Seal he helped the Guardians fight against him and his followers. He participated in the Battle of Kandrakar and returns to a fully-restored Elyon's kingdom.[3]



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