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Uriah Dunn is a fictional character in the W.I.T.C.H. comics and TV series. He is the leader of a school gang consisting of Kurt, Clubber and Nigel for a while. In the TV series, he is voiced by Byrne Offutt.


Uriah has orange spiky hair and strangely shaped eye and head.


Uriah is a typical trouble-making student, slacker and bully at Heatherfield. He is mean and unintelligent and is disliked by many other students, namely Elyon, Alchemy and W.I.T.C.H.[citation needed]

He and his gang skateboard, play tricks and pranks on others and are occasionally put in detention. He and his gang are also close to Bess and Courtney Grumper.[citation needed]

Although mean and unintelligent, Uriah has shown sometimes to be a good guy. In the comics, he is also noted to be one of the few special students at Sheffield Institute as well as talented and fairly wealthy. He also has shown talent in being a leader. He likes X-Treme sports and competes in the X-Treme Sports competition every year.[citation needed]




TV series

He used to hang out with Nigel Ashcroft, but teased him about liking Taranee Cook, "the nerdy girl".[1] After that Nigel stopped hanging out with him and his gang.

He competed in the Battle of the Bands. He claimed he can play the guitar but was really awful.[2]

He does sport reports in the K-Ship student radio during season 2.[citation needed]


TV series

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  • Uriah's name means "flame of God" in Hebrew
  • Uriah's last name Dunn has several different origins.
    • In some cases it is an anglicised form of the Irish surname Ó Duinn, meaning "grandson of Donn"; the Gaelic Donn was originally a byname, meaning "brown-haired" or "chieftain".
    • Another origin of the surname Dunn is from the Middle English dunn, meaning "dark-coloured"; this name originated as a nickname for one with dark hair or skin.
    • Another origin is from a habitative name, derived from Dun in Angus, Scotland; this place name is derived from the Scottish Gaelicdùn, meaning "fort".
    • Another origin is from the Gaelic donn, meaning "brown".
    • In Uriah's case his last name probably suits the first origin that relates to "brown-haired" or "chieftain", as his orange-red hair is very close to the color brown and that he is the leader of a gang.



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