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True Luck (Italian La vera fortuna) is the eleventh and final Mini Special issue from the series Mini Specials: Very Important Personal Secrets. It was first published in May 2010 alongside Issue 110: Magical Moms and is eight pages long. The script was written by Maria Muzzolini and the art was by Giada Perissinotto.[1]


Will met an old friend.


Will had a bad morning: she fell out of bed, broke a vase, spilt coffee down herself and still had a history test later that day. On her way to school, she met an old friend, Tina. Tina spotted Will's frog key ring and the two girls reminisced about starting their frog collections.

When they were younger, Will and Tina were both teased about liking frogs by the other girls in their class, who like the more traditionally cute animals like bunnies and puppies. Will and Tina both thought frogs were underrated so Will tried to show a frog toy, which Tina had named Tatiana, to Annie who freaked out because she couldn't stand frogs. This made the girls decide to start collecting frog-themed items.

In the present, Tina revealed to Will that, as her family moved so often, she had to give up her frog collection, except for Tatiana, who she gave to Will. At school, Will hoped Tatiana would be a good-luck-charm, but she still did badly.

After school, Tina invited Will to a welcome-back party with their old friends. When they arrived, all the decorations were frog-themed. Annie was also there, and hid under the table away from all the frogs.