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Vance Michael Justin is a minor character in the TV series. He is voiced by Alexander Polinsky.


Vance Michael Justin is a popular actor and singer.

Vance's latest movie was about to premiere at the Heatherfield movie theatre. In the movie, Vance played a trundleblotten, part of a tribe of pixies who battle the forces of Flendar. The movie appears to be part of a popular franchise as Irma said Will should be prepared to wait in line for six hours, and almost everyone in the queue was wearing costumes of characters from the movie.[1]

Susan wore a t-shirt with Vance's face on it in an attempt to appear young and hip.[2]

He performed a concert in Heatherfield. The show was broadcast live on the K-Ship radio station based at Sheffield Institute. During the concert, he performed the songs Feel the Beat, Fantasy Love, and Don't Wanna Say Goodbye.[3]

He was seen getting out of a limousine in downtown Heatherfield whilst the Guardians were battling Cedric.[4]


Season One

Season Two


  • Characters who have been shown to be fans of Vance include Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin, Martin, Uriah, Kurt, Clubber, Bess and Courtney, and Susan.
  • In season 1, Vance was depicted with red hair. In season 2, he was depicted with purple hair.
  • It is a running joke within the series that Cornelia is obsessed with Vance Michael Justin, even when she is in a relationship with Caleb. However, Taranee commented during O is for Obedience that Irma may have developed a stronger crush on Vance than Cornelia.
    • Another running joke in the series is that people often refer to Vance Michael Justin as VMJ, which usually prompts someone else to comment that “he hates being called that”. However, Vance revealed that he likes being called VMJ.[3]
  • According to Cornelia, Vance hates broccoli and girls who wear too much make-up. Will stated that the magazines say Vance likes “independent girls who follow their hearts wherever they lead”.[1] It is revealed that Vance also has an interest in radio production.[3]
  • Will has a poster of Vance on her bedroom wall.[1]
  • Cornelia is the president of the Vance Michael Justin fan club.[3]
  • Caleb expressed jealousy at Cornelia’s obsession with Vance, as Caleb battles monsters in real life whilst Vance only pretends to in movies.[1]


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