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W is for Witch is the twenty-third episode of season 2, and the forty-ninth episode overall of the TV series.


Nerissa attempts to steal the power of the Heart of Earth on Halloween, the one night in the year when the Heart of Earth can be taken by force, namely by killing the heart's familiar, Napoleon. The Guardians work with Prince Phobos and the newly released Cedric and Miranda.

The cover of Halloween means that the whole team can travel in their most powerful forms. Despite an ambush at the old bookstore failing a battle ensues in front of everyone at the Halloween carnival!

In the end, Phobos tricks Nerissa and assumes control over her seal and absorbs her into it, gaining total elemental control. He then betrays W.I.T.C.H. by claiming the power for himself.


The episode opens in the prison on Meridian Vathek is furious that Caleb and Will want to release more prisoners. Caleb replies that with Nerissa being more powerful protecting Phobos is imperative. Although Raythor pledges his allegiance and willingness to protect him Phobos chooses to forgive Miranda and Cedric's past transgressions returning them to normal size due to their mystic might. However he warns them that this is their last chance to redeem themselves. When Vathek expresses further displeasure Phobos smugly reminds him that he is the Universes last Chance.

The episode opens on Lilian running around the Hale's apartment looking for Napoleon as she needs him to complete her Witch costume to go trick or treating. Elizabeth Hale assures her she looks like a Witch and that taking Napoleon out at night would not be safe. Cornelia is in her room getting ready when Napoleon jumps out from her Wardrobe knocking over some Nail Polish staining some of her hair Pink. Cornelia is outraged but Napoleon is terrified of a specific Witch this Halloween Nerissa!

Irma is on the phone to Hay Lin discussing plans to go to the Halloween carnival that evening when Chris bursts in wearing a ninja costume. After messing up her room Chris begs Irma to go Trick or Treating and put on her costume Irma replies that trick or treating is for babies causing Hay Lin to retort "Andrew Hornby". When their mother hears the commotion Irma states she's too mature to go Trick or Treating to which her mother replies she doesn't have to dress up but she does have to take Chris or she'll have to stay home. As Hay Lin is trying to make her feel better Cornelia joins the call to inform them they have to come over now!!

When Irma arrives she dumps Chris with Lilian watching TV when she remarks again that she is to old to go beg for Candy Cornelia replies 'Andrew Hornby'. All of the Guardians, Phobos, the regents of Earth, Caleb and now Cedric and Miranda are gathered in Cornelia's bedroom pleasing Napoleon as due to it being Halloween he is going to be targeted by Nerissa as by Killing him she can cease the Heart of Earth without permission. When Phobos expresses confusion Napoleon says they have to protect him as he cannot transform till Midnight. Will then decides that due to Nerissa's desire to gain more power but fear of Phobos its a perfect opportunity to lure her and take her Seal. As the black cat reluctantly agrees Lilian and Chris burst in and Lilian begs her sister to let her go Trick or Treating with the Lair's although she wants to stay Cornelia tells Irma that she thinks they have enough players to manage without her. After Taranee mocks Irma with yet another comment about Andrew Hay Lin reminds her that she'll get free candy prompting Blunk (also present) to find a costume so he can come too. This in turn causes the Guardians to put on their costumes (their Guardian forms) which when presented to Elizabeth results in a comment on the 'padding' which is just the more mature forms the Guardians take. When Chris remarks on her costume Irma says it is a disguise alluding to her humiliation and frustration on the way out Hay Lin reminds her that they will meet her at the carnival. Napoleon then asks Will what the plan is to which she replies they need a place to trap Nerissa, Cedric says he knows just the place.

When the show resumes W.I.T.C.H. and their allies are crossing the street and arrive at Cedric's former bookstore where they remark on their history regarding it. Once inside Will goes over the plan after Napoleon reveals Nerissa can track him Phobos will grab the seal whilst the other act as backup subsequently Matt, Huggles, Miranda and Cedric transform into 'something a bit more comfortable. Following this Cornelia remarks on their lack of stealth so Phobos glamours himself and Will into elderly mortals whilst transforming the rest of the team into bookcases Cornelia jabs that that was quote "so not what I had in mind".

Cutting to Irma's adventures Blunk is attempting to as he puts it 'treat or trick' but he merely attempts to grab all the candy causing Chris to explain that only one is allowed and gives each of them one lolly calling Blunk a smelly kid causing Blunk to jump with joy that his disguise was believed. As they move onto the next house Chris reveals his strategy to Lilian of pretending to be Orphans who is impressed Irma however, is enraged reminding him it was her strategy and the key is to not have a bag full of candy, cute factor and a convincing story. Cut to Irma at the next house relaying a story of a sick sibling resulting in her obtaining a substantial amount of Candy.

Returning to the bookstore Napoleon bemoans his status as bait only to spot a female cat nearby when he tries to flirt her eyes begin to glow with electricity as they both dive into the bookstore the Cat turns into Nerissa! Nerissa starts to attack Napoleon freezing him to the floor in response Will urges Phobos to take the seal but he says he is waiting for his moment. Napoleon narrowly escapes being burnt by Nerissa's flames and jumps landing with claws out on a bookcase... that turns out to be a glamoured Cornelia when she exclaims in pain Nerissa realizes she's within a trap. Nerissa then uses her powers to de-glamour our heroes. Terrified Napoleon flees out the window whilst Will attempts to distract Nerissa with a ball of Electricity but she stops it in mid air. When Nerissa attempts to follow the black cat Cornelia telekinetically blocks her way with some books whilst Taranee and Matt fire blasts at her, in response Nerissa teletransports away. After her departure Will berates Phobos for not acting while in turn he calls her plan a failure and suggests they find Napoleon.

Irma meanwhile surveys what the others have retrieved using her strategy including Blunk's mothballs Lilian rings the bell at the next house the owner refuses to give them candy and Irma furious uses her mind control powers to get him to give her all his candy and as she pulls a whole sack out Chris says Irma is the coolest. As they plan to go to the next house Irma hears her name its Andrew Hornby dressed up as a pirate. Irma is surprised as he had told the school that trick or treating was for babies (revealing why Irma did not want to go and why everyone keeps referencing Andrew Hornby). However he says its cool and he loves it and that he hopes to see Irma later at the carnival.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Guardians are at the carnival looking for Napoleon as he knew to meet there. Martin Tubbs is enthralled by their costumes taking a photo of Miranda and attempting to figure out how many people are in the snake suit narrowly missing being torn apart by Cedric when Hay Lin saves him distracting him with Candy. On centre stage Principal Knickerbocker announces Halloween skits are about to begin prompting Martin's departure. Cornelia spots Napoleon as a prize at a carnival game, Caleb has to throw a ball in a vase he misses but Cornelia encourages him to try again and she uses her Telekinesis to make the ball go in the vase winning Napoleon. Cedric growing exasperated questions how long they must endure this foolishness Phobos quells him by telling him good things come to those who wait.

When the show returns Irma turns up saying it was easy to find them because of Cedric reassuring that Lilian is safe at home and she actually had fun with her and Chris showing the girls their candy haul. Irma's mind changed she is excited about next years Halloween due to the hot buccaneer. At 11:55 Nerissa suddenly appears shooting lightening at Napoleon. Knickerbocker demands an explanation Irma says the fight is a Halloween skit.

Napoleon meanwhile has escaped from Nerissa up a tree trembling with fear Nerissa uses Kadma powers to ensnare him in vines just as Nerissa is about to snatch him Matt blasts him free taking off with him in his arms. In response Nerissa covers his body in vines causing him to fall Napoleon flees again with Nerissa in hot pursuit however Huggles dives at her struggling with her right in front of Phobos when Will urges him to take the seal he refuses and the realization dawns on the Guardian leader he wants to wait until Nerissa kills Napoleon so he will have triple power. Upon calling him a jerk Cedric wraps her upside down in his tail saying he has waited ' a long time for this Guardian' struggling the Quintessence Guardian tells him to keep waiting shocking him painfully forcing him to release her.

Whilst this was all going on Nerissa shocks Khor freeing herself as she plans her next attack the other guardians launch an onslaught with Hay Lin, Taranee and Irma shooting beams of their elements at her (whilst Martin marvels at their special effects and motorized wings) and Cornelia summons vines upwards in her direction seeing this Nerissa teletransports away and Will arrives revealing Phobos's plans though the other Guardians are not surprised.

When Napoleon hides in a pumpkin Nerissa tries to blast him but at the last second something knocks her seal knocking down the pile and scattering them she turns only for Caleb to taunt "did I win a prize ma" and throw additional balls from the carnival at her. Nerissa responds by blasting at him and Blunk with a lighting bolt. As they escape Will throws her own lightning bolt and Irma causes water to appear inside planning to severely shock the sorceress. Unable to flee Nerissa summons a tornado around herself to repel it and sends the Guardians flying. As she dives to the left Nerissa grabs Napoleon and lands on the stage and as she taunts one last time Napoleon reveals himself safely in Matt's arms. As the clock strikes midnight the Cat Nerissa is holding transforms back into Phobos!

Nerissa looks shocked and terrified and Phobos pulls her into the Seal and the mage ring appears on his finger. As the Guardians celebrate a Happy Ending Will retorts that Phobos won't allow that. Phobos declares a new age the age of Phobos as the clueless crowd cheers for him unaware of the danger they now face.

Release notes


  • Every second-season episode has a clear focus on one of the five main characters. This episode is one of 5 in the season to focus on Irma Lair.
  • Irma mentions "saving the world every week" right in front of Chris and Lilian, yet neither of them questions it or brings it up later. Similarly, Napoleon starts talking to Will about the plan when Cornelia's mother was sitting there reading right in their line of sight a few moments ago. This continues a pattern in the series, seen more obviously in episodes like The Seal of Phobos where the speaker is literally yelling, in which if a character is not in a scene (or sometimes even simply out of focus like in the first example here) the narrative seems to assume they are too far away to hear the conversation.
  • This episode seemingly shows that a Quinto Guardian, as Nerissa was by this point, can summon the earth element from nowhere, as she shows when she covers Matt in vines. Phobos later shows the same ability. However it could be the power of the seal to conjure rather than the combination of elemental abilities.

Behind the scenes