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Wali is a supporting character in the special issue, Caleb and Elyon - Two Destinies.


Wali looks similar to Caleb and has the same marking that independent Whisperers have, seen on Caleb and Rascal, and his Escanor like appearance that differs him from the galhots, though it's never stated if he is another independent whisperer.


Wali is a Meridianite friend of Caleb who happens to be a thief (or so having a habit of stealing stuff from the military): Wali stole a dagger from the soldiers and he was captured by the guards the day the dark mist appeared. He was rescued by Caleb and was taken away by the latter in a safe place.[1]

Later, when Elyon ordered Caleb to enter the mist to recover her magic and life force, Wali volunteered to help Caleb, though he had the intention to unravel treasures along the way. When he and Caleb entered the mist, they found a house just outside of the tower. They found a treasure chest. Caleb checked it hoping to find any clues that might lead him behind Elyon's missing powers.[1]

Unknown to both Wali and Caleb, the statue that they had seen outside became animated and was observing them. After a short battle between Caleb and a prisoner, they peacefully communicated with Shadiga. She told them that maybe The Guard knew the answer that they were seeking. Before Caleb could leave, they made a deal that Wali would remain with Shadiga and the others and Wali willingly accepted. Though Caleb hesitated, Wali insisted that he had to leave in order to save Elyon. After Caleb defeated the Guard and merged the Guard's Lance with Blue Destiny, he gave the sword to Wali and ordered him to deliver it to Elyon. Wali refused to go home without Caleb, but Caleb decided to stay as he didn't want Elyon to see him in his Guard state. Wali cried as he made his way out of the Valley of Shadows.[1]

He returned Blue Destiny to Elyon, which restored the queen to life, and informed her of what had happened to Caleb. He tried to joke about it to the queen, but it was of no use and instead he was scorned by the Guardians, except for Irma, who knows how it feels not being able to cheer up everyone and end up cracking bad jokes.[1]