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Walk This Way is the sixteenth episode of season 1 of the TV series.


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An astonished Caleb discovered that fellow rebels were turned into zombified Trance Marchers by the sound of a magical object called the Horn of Hypnos. Thanks to the Horn, Phobos and Cedric now used the rebels as workforce but when Blunk stole the Horn and brought it back to Earth, the trance started to spread to Heatherfield.

The Guardians were called in to help save the Horn's victims and on School Dance night, too. Only a specific melody could break the spell, but how long will Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin be able to resist the entrancing sound of the Horn of Hypnos? And what's even more alarming: poor Hay Lin gets turned into a Trance Marcher. The only way they could get her to stop slamming them into a wall was to pull the plug on her power.

In the B-story, Will was so happy when she found out she was going to go to School Dance night with Matt.

Release notes

  • This episode was originally scripted as the 16th of season 1, but was pushed back to the 18th slot for broadcasting purposes in the US. However, it remains episode 16 on all of the European DVD releases, as well as the Brazilian one.[citation needed]
    • The US order introduced a minor continuity error. In this episode, Will suggested to Hay Lin to use her enhanced hearing (from being the air Guardian) to find the marching band, even giving the scientific explanation that "sound is carried by air". But in Ghosts of Elyon, Hay Lin had the idea of using this ability unprompted, shushing all the other girls to listen more closely - including Will.
  • This episode premiered as the 12th[citation needed] or 15th[citation needed] episode in some countries and parts of Asia. It is also categorized as the 12th episode on the DVD release of the first season in some countries in Asia.[citation needed]

Possible mistakes

  • While Caleb is on the roof playing the electric guitar, he switches strumming hands several times.
  • When Matt's band is playing at the school dance, he changes his position on the side of the stage a couple of times.

Behind the scenes


Scientific facts

Sound is carried by air.

Will Vandom


  • This episode marks the first appearances of Drake as well as the Horn of Hypnos.
  • The Horn of Hypnos crumbled away to nothing in this episode, but made a single further appearance in G is for Garbage.
  • Hay Lin was the only Guardian to become a Trance Marcher in this episode. All but Irma become Trance Marchers in the Horn's subsequent appearance.
  • The title of this episode may be a reference to the song Walk This Way.