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The weapons are magical items given to the W.I.T.C.H. Guardians by Yan Lin.


Very little is known of the history of these magical objects, they may have belonged to previous Guardians, due to the Oracle being in possession of them. They were given to the current Guardians during the events shortly after Yan Lin became Oracle.[1]


Each weapons works with it's Guardian's element:

  • Will's weapon: Will's clackers have exceptional effects on electric appliances and machines. As a weapon, it can cause devastating effects on any kind of barriers like walls. It's useful as a shield,[2] and people and inanimate objects can be caught with them.
  • Irma's weapon: Irma's tambourine works mostly with freezing. With the chimes, the entire vicinity can be frozen. Being hit with the tambourine, anything can be incased in ice, but varieties are possible. Thrown like a frisbee the tambourine is very destructive.[citation needed] With the drum part things can be frozen[2] as well the snowflake on the drum part can be used as a shuriken (ninja star).[citation needed]
  • Taranee's weapon: Taranee's volleyball can maneuver on its own, making impossible moves and leave burn traces.[citation needed] As a weapon it's a formidable fireball which also can multiply.[2]
  • Cornelia's weapon: Cornelia's ribbon can make flowers appear from thin air and it creates new plants and bushes growing at hyper-speed.[2] As a weapon it's fit to catch enemies or immobilize them by a single slash. Cornelia has used them in tandem with the living parts of her new Guardian outfit.[citation needed]
  • Hay Lin's weapon: Hay Lin's fans are extremely strong: a small move is enough to cause a fierce gust of wind, blowing things meters away.[2] The force is comparable to that of the engines of a jumbo-jet. As a weapon real storms can be created; when it comes to hitting enemies, they are as sharp as razor blades, and they are very strong shields.[citation needed]